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Swine Flu immunity and Vaccine Programs

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Swine Flu Truths & Facts Lots of new information is coming out daily about inhumane factory farm lots, where conditions are beyond squalor. Read more...

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Swine Flu Immunity and Vaccine Programs

Find out the truth and hidden agendas behind this newest pandemic, with its ramifications

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely

Swine Flu VirusSince the Spring of 2009, much has been broadcast and reported about the Swine Flu with the accompanying vaccine programs. This latest strain is known as type A H1N1 Influenza Virus. How much is for real, and what are reasons for all the propaganda? Before reaching your own conclusion, look at the facts: Vaccine manufacturing is big business, accounting for $billions in cash flow, from research, development, dispensaries, inoculation programs, etc. Many people make considerable income from this “science”.

There is more information emerging daily about the source of this latest virus known as H1N1. It may be known as the Swine Flu, but its origins extend beyond the pig. Wild birds and humans are also contributors to the latest H1N1 pathogen.

This virus is extremely virulent and tenacious in its ability to spread. As a "triple reassortant" flu it combines the classic swine flu, North American avian (poultry) flu and human flu into a version of influenza that can spread quickly. Apparently strains have been in the pig population since the 1990's. A single pig became infected from the European / Asian variant combining strains while swapping genetic material to produce this new H1N1 strain. Both H1 and N1 in seasonal flu are from humans.

So far, although this type A flu has spread throughout the World, the new H1N1 influenza does not seem to be any more dangerous than previous versions, except the population was never confronted with this one. There are very few with immune systems to counter its effects, unless eating and living extremely pure while avoiding all contaminated foods that can exacerbate the symptoms. It appears to be most dangerous for healthy people in their prime, and not the very young or very old.

The flu virus infects a cell, breaking it down to eight component genes. These invade the nucleus. Once inside the cell, genes replicate, with hundreds of copies of themselves. they next exit the nucleus, repackaging themselves, changing to new flu particles, continuing to infect additional cells. When one cell is infected with two strains of flu at the same time, which happens often, these genes from both can bundlie together forming a new virus. For this reason it is almost impossible to pinpoint a virus type, as they mutate easily.

Does vaccination for influenza viruses really help? Some say yes, while others would never consent to their use. Both sides of this issue have valid points to either support or reject them, yet where do we draw the line? When flu vaccines have never been proven to be highly effective in the past, it is best to really understand the financial interests at stake from propagation of vaccines to see the whole truth.

A recent study published in the Cochrane Library found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate.

Family doctors in the UK report of effects ranging from mild adverse reactions to the antiviral drug Tamiflu to severe case of tonsillitis, meningitis and pneumonia. These were complications after they were misdiagnosed with the H1N1 Swine Flu.

There is speculation among some that this latest H1N1 resulted from lab experiments where DNA of H1N1 Swine, H5N1 Asian Poultry and other variations were intentionally combined, with a variant making its way to the streets. How did these strains mix? This big mystery is unsolved, yet it's rare if ever that pigs engage in international travel, with those that do strictly quarantined.

Baxter of Austria, a major vaccine manufacturer were doing extensive research on a "new strain" of virus formulated in the laboratory [H1N1, H5N1 + Human] and actually applied for a patent in 2008, well before the "leak / propagation" of this latest virus pandemic. Sounds "convenient", huh? Also evidence has circulated that Baxter actually sent out live flu pathogens to an estimated 18 countries in previous broadcasts. Many both in and out of the Medical profession would consider this criminal activity, and International charges have been filed.

Many people get sick from vaccine inoculation, and sometimes the side effects can be very severe, actually causing death. So far, there is no scientific evidence that flu vaccines have ever helped build up solid immunity, as the viruses they are designed to combat often mutate faster than the vaccines can be distributed, making them mostly ineffective.

Tests have already started with these swine flu vaccines on both children and adults. However, the FDA approved its release without adequate testing by independent sources. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services had plans to inoculate at least 160 million Americans by December, 2009. Although many went ahead and got the shots, many people feel we avoided a "planned pandemic" by avoiding this mass inoculation.

A recent survey indicates at least 1/3 of nurses in the UK will refuse this vaccine because of the possible severe side effects. Reports have come back that many researchers and scientists developing the vaccines are refusing to use them. What would this tell you?

In July, 2009 Kathleen Sibelieus, Secretary of Health and Human Services, signed a document making federal officials and vaccine makers immune from lawsuits related to any ill effects from the swine flu vaccine. Many of us felt this was a highly suspect move, especially with realization that side effects from flu vaccines can at times be much worse than the flu symptoms without inoculation.

In January, 2010 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) was ready to hold a "secret meeting" regarding a growing scandal so "PharmaMedia" can maintain their "news manipulation". Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, chief of health in the Council of Europe representing 47 countries said: “Many countries in Europe are very angry about what the WHO [World Health Organization] did and how they decided to have a pandemic when there was just a mild flu; and this whole thing was in favor of those companies who had prepared the pandemic plans, and who only needed the judgment of the WHO to have them set in power, and to earn them money.”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a Harvard-trained media expert, world leading vaccine risk analyst, and is also the Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas journal. He says “PharmaMedia controls the mass mind more effectively than any covert psychological operation in world history.”

This latest swine flu vaccine is/was being developed with active ingredient squalene, similar to one in the mid 1970’s linked to a dangerous side effect called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a serious disorder in which the body's immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system. This can lead to total body paralysis and/or death, leaving many on life support. There is much evidence that this vaccine, and other similar ones can cause more severe side effects and problems than would naturally occur from simply getting the type A influenza it is developed to counter.

The best way to avoid severe effects of influenza is simple, yet society generally denies the facts: Avoid food groups contributing to disease. This helps the body naturally build immunity to effects of the flu. In other words, quit eating contaminated poultry or swine products. This does not mean you will never get the flu – it simply means you are avoiding consumption of enzymes and culture that can contribute to the propagation of severe symptoms. This way the body is able to quickly clean out crud that easily converts to excess mucous and/or nausea when hit by this nasty pathogen.

When looking at this influenza disease from a holistic standpoint, we realize the pathogen is actually healthy for our systems, as it assists the break down of "crud" that has built up in our systems. Although symptoms associated with a flu can be severe, look at what it does.

After months or years of of "toxic build-up" human systems sometimes need cleaned out. The "flu bug" converts this crud to mucous, vomit, fecal matter, sweat, and through other means. The body is simply "flushing out" all this nasty stuff, that the virus has simply helped the body break down. By using drugs to suppress our body's ability to clean this stuff out, we actually stop the cleansing process. When people have eaten a lot of junk food this can take days or weeks, sometimes causing significant weight loss, especially when the body rejects food consumed. Fasting is a timeless way our body can be quickly cleansed, and considered very beneficial in many cultures.

Here lies the heart of the problem: When a body is saturated with "crud", a total cleansing can often take time and be tedius. If the liver, kidneys and lungs become overtaxed by this "process of elimination", in rare cases it can lead to even more severe problems like pneumonia or even lead to heart failure and/or suffocation. This is the main reason it is so important to start a process of consuming healthier foods before the symptoms become too severe for an average body to handle.

Swine Flu Virus GroupViruses are living organisms that exist to remind us what we should or should not do. When we live and eat correctly, disease will not readily propagate, yet the big challenge is avoiding major causes of illness. We are surrounded by many temptations, making it challenging at times to avoid their effects. Simply changing one’s diet will not make one completely immune though, as flu virus can be tenacious, sometimes being passed by simply coming in contact with other diseased individuals, or animals with the illness.

When correct information is put out, we are often met head on with those resisting the truth. This is because people generally believe what they learn or read. Not all beliefs are correct though. We can only find this out by having an open mind.

I tell people not all bodies are alike. No two people react to the same thing the same way. Some people can eat junk food, smoke, drink alcohol and/or do drugs every day without getting sick, while others would drop dead from the experience. However, it helps us to know the general truth, so we can make an educated choice how to be.

Look at the facts. Understand why the latest “flu pandemic” is with us. Be prepared for the worst, while expecting the best. Realize that if it’s your time, then deal with it without being caught off-guard. And simply understand a general truth – avoiding the causes of a problem will help us stay healthy.

If you insist on eating poultry or swine, be very careful. When preparing these foods use latex / rubber gloves and/or wash your hands completely before touching face or other body parts. Make sure all utensils used in food prep are cleaned well. Realize that contaminated animal products can pass more than just flu virus.

When coming or going from public places where people are coughing or sneezing, make sure hands are washed before touching your face or food you are eating. Always sneeze or cough into your elbow or upper arm, NOT into your hands or into a room, as the pathogens can live for hours in open atmosphere. When possible, stay away from public spaces when you are sick, so you will not spread illness. Tell others to do likewise, to avoid spreading disease.

With “flu seasons” descending on us, much can be done to avoid this problem, yet be aware that we sometimes get sick. The rest is up to you. Hopefully these words give you better insight what will be your best means to protect yourself, and also suggest.

Check back for further updates to this and other posted articles. Simply scroll down for other video postings and discourses to give you better perspective, and scientifically validated truths…

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