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Holistic and Natural Healing

By Dennis Knicely

Holistic Healing is one of the most popular and misunderstood ways of eliminating disease as well as maintaining good health. Basically taking the holistic approach means looking at mind, body, spirit and emotion in order to really understand what is going on with a living organism. Symptom of disease would be better understood by diagnosing the cause of the symptom, and reversing it through eliminating the cause.

Looking at how the whole being unites with all of creation gives a basic understanding of the holistic concept. Every action has a reaction. Having a better basic ideal while seeing how all parts fit together as a complete unit gives us a better idea how all things affect us; some neutral while others positive or negative.

There are numerous modalities, some that work better than others. The main ideal here is to avoid drugs, chemicals, chemotherapy, and surgery unless totally necessary for survival. There are exceptions, yet most surgeries are uncalled for when we learn what the viable alternatives are.

Many conventional medical professionals are now calling "holistic health care" as "complimentary medicine" to work with their standard therapies, that mostly still use pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, or surgeries. This is understandable from an economic standpoint, as there is a huge amount of money available to keep the "status quo" happening. MD's and Pharmaceutical companies make big profits by prescribing according to their standard programs. However, most truly holistic therapies are neither approved or funded through most insurance and Medicare plans, unless underwritten by an AMA approved Dr.

Adhering to holistic ideals with health maintenance programs would save both Government and individuals $hundreds of billions per year, yet AMA approved approaches would suffer financially after years of establishing "main stream" procedures, most that simply treat symptoms without eliminating the cause of illness. Pharmaceutical drugs are basically poisonous derivatives of natural substance with side effects often leading to other problems, yet this industry generates big money throughlobbying campaigns while suppressing the funding of natural remedies.

This page will concentrate on supplying information, education, links, and other means to find out more about this growing and much needed approach to optimum health.

There has yet to be a mandate for what Government could approve as "holistic treatment", eligible for insurance, medicare, or medicaid unless an MD underwrites it. This has to change, yet Holistic needs to establish stringent guidelines, as well as support a huge lobbying effort for Government to approve this. Hopefully this site will help in achieving public support for this. Approximately 60% of the public prefer holistic, and that number could jump higher when funding is available making it affordable for the masses.

Feel free to browse the numerous articles, and share your favorites with us to post for others' benefits. As days and weeks go by, stop back to see updates, and join our lists and blogs to improve our lives.

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