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Healing Touch at HealingNews.com

By Dr. Dennis Knicely

Preparing Successful Massage Therapy Practitioners The power of healing touch is well known by many. Laying of hands goes back as far as records were kept, and countless individuals through the ages have been healed from innumerable ailments, illnesses, disease, etc., simply through touch.

Touching with a consciousness that understands how to allow healing energy to be channeled is a wonderful way of expressing love, gratitude, and simply honoring the life force within.

Each person, plant, animal, as well as other creations are essential parts of being alive. Touching whatever or whoever can be done with an awareness that how we touch affects all and everything. This is a good way to start.

There are as many ways to touch and heal as can be imagined, and then some. Trained hands often understand better through trial and error which ways work better, yet the novice often has that special feeling no one else could ever replace. Once again, we are opening a flow of healing light to clear blockages affecting one's health.

Healing touch is facilitated from the main energy points in the body, and further pinpointed to a specific cause or effect desired when we learn the Universal principles. This is done by channeling healing Light / Energy from the source of All [God / Allah / Creator / Great Spirit], allowing us to heal with our hands, or whatever part of our being we choose.

As time permits, this article will be more explicit, sharing detailed information to accomplish this. For now, please go to the other links furnished below for complimentary modalities.

Articles of interest regarding Healing Touch...

Energy Healing Emission - HandsEnergy healing & emission - August 31, 2009 - Examiner - Eamen Hameed - Energy Healing is the technique and process to recognize, cultivate and circulate Divine Energy and Internal Energies to improve and heal the mind body, thought and emotional body. Read more...

Healing Touch Helps Headaches - 08-25-2009 - MassageMag - Just-released research shows that Healing Touch, a form of energy work, resulted in decreased frequency, intensity and duration of headache pain, as well as profound shifts in recipients' view of themselves, their lives and their potential for healing and transformation. Read more...

Chi Nei Tsang, an ancient Taoist massageHealing touch Chi Nei Tsang, an ancient Taoist massage, releases pent-up emotions and helps in healing - June 2nd, 2009 - MalayMail - CHI Nei Tsang (CNT) stems from an ancient Taoist massage style that works on the unique premise that emotions are energy in motion. Read more...

Healing Touch deals with correcting body’s magnetic field - Pam Mellskog - 2009 Longmont Times-Call LONGMONT — When Susie Rolando practices Healing Touch, she holds her hands 3 inches from a client’s body to feel for energy field anomalies. Read more...

Reiki master Nancy James, R.N., of the Clear Creek Wellness Center, gives a treatment to her husband, Mike. More people are opting for alternative forms of medicine to complement the traditional treatment they receive from their physicians.  Betty Ridge / Sports Special WriterA healing touch - Tahlequah Daily Press - 05-14-2009 - In Cherokee County, some of the optional paths to health include Reiki, healing touch, reflexology, bioenergy therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and Praise Moves, ... Read more...

The healing touch of Fiji A walk through the rainforest unearths a natural cure for nearly any ailment BY JANIE ROBINSON, FOR THE CALGARY HERALD NOVEMBER 12, 2008 - We tried to keep up with Niumaia, the 69-year-old Fijian medicine man, as he nimbly made his way barefoot down the steep jungle path, pointing out as we went the many healing plants used by his tribal mountain people. Read more...

Energy work like Reiki and Healing Touch provide massage for the spirit BY LISA STRANDBERG • THE POST-CRESCENT • SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 - Nothing beats a great massage. Working the kinks out of sore muscles can go far toward restoring your body and your mental state. Read more...

Healing Touch
Story by Lisa Brown - New Hampshire Magazine -
The therapeutic use of touch is one of the oldest known medicines, so it is ironic that now it’s at the forefront of the new wave of alternative or complementary treatments available. Read more...

Healing touch can work as painkiller
12 Sep 2008 - Times of India -
LONDON: A soothing touch really can ease away pain, according to a group of researchers. Read more...

  Massage Techniques : How to Massage Away a Headache - Sundae Thomas - To massage away a headache, perform circular motions with the fingers and thumbs around the ear tissue.

Healing Power of Touch Helps Relieve Pain - Swedish Research
TheMedGuru, India - Sep 11, 2008
Though the healing power of touch was already known, the new scientific discovery could pave the way for new treatments to check conditions ranging from ... Read more...

Healing power of a touch now unveiled
HealthJockey.com, India - 9-12-2008 -
Now there’s scientific proof to back how a healing touch actually acts as a painkiller. A group of Swedish researchers have found that a hug or rather a ... Read more...

Healing with the hands - By Jessica M. Sibley - upstatetoday.com - January 14, 2009 - 12:00 a.m. EST - “It’s the oldest form of preventative medicine,” she said. Read more...

Abdominal Massage Self Healing Technique - Michael E. Costa - ezinearticles - ...This technique is essential for any wellness program whether you are looking to prevents disease or recover from an illness. Read more...

Healing Touch - Healthwise - Central to healing touch is the belief that a vital energy or life force flows freely through space and sustains all living organisms. Read more...

 Embracing your energy body through Pranic Healing - Deborah Dera - June 11, 2009 - Examiner - Based on the Ayurvedic philosophies, Pranic Healing is an advanced method of energy healing used by thousands of massage and bodywork practitioners and healers around the world today. Read more...

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