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Emergency - Saving Lives

Learn how CPR and other paths have saved many from death - Coping with death when it is inevitable.

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely

Posted August 6, 2009 12:15PM MDT

Someone recently wrote about CPR being harmful- My reply: How could CPR be harmful if it saves a life, unless one intentionally wants that person to die? I would suggest CPR training to anyone willing, as it has saved many from death.

One time I applied CPR on a friend after a massive heart failure, and it did not work. He was already dead. Sometimes it does work, yet not always, especially when the body system has simply shut down, and at that point nothing works. Where would someone get the notion that it is harmful, when it has saved numerous lives?

Another time I was asked to help save someone dying from kidney and liver failure as a result of cancer, after he had chemotherapy, drugs, and unnatural allopathic formulas - but it was one case where pure foods did not help - he had waited too long to change.

When it is one's time to die, people just die. Yet it is a natural response to help save their life when possible.

Life and death is as simple a cycle as being born, yet people tend to be happy when a baby is born, and sad to lose a friend or family when one dies.

Death can be a beautiful thing, especially when the victim has been suffering too much. I also believe - What is the point of living, if we are not doing something worthwhile with our lives, or so burdened with pain and suffering that we cause others to suffer by being alive?

There is no right or wrong here, simply cause and effect. When you stay healthy, most of the time our bodies stay healthy and thrive, yet even that is not an absolute science, especially if you get hit by a car, or are in a severe accident. At that point sometimes death is the best scenario, if living would involve tremendous suffering.

My own son is a D.O. [Doctor of Osteopathy] and works as an Emergency Medical Physician. He saves many lives, and works in two hospitals as the last person they send in as a final recourse. It is an intense job, not for the light-hearted. We do not always agree on the use of chemicals and drugs, as he was trained in oncology - yet there is a time when allopathic remedies prescribed by MDs and others save lives.

Holistic and natural remedies do not always work, and I will be the first to admit it. Being a pure Vegan-Raw foodist does not always work. There is no one path that works for all people, as our bodies are not designed to survive forever. Even those eating the purest diets grow old and die. That is a fact, unless someone out there has escaped recognition and lived longer than 120 years.

A great healing artist named Dr. Bernarr and I have deep respect for each other. He has also saved lives through advocating fasting and body purification. Dr. Bernarr and I also believe our bodies were designed to live much longer than the norm.

Yet there is more than just diet and consciousness keeping us alive. There are also environmental and livelihood challenges, often subjecting us to hazards that are beyond our control, often killing people.

Recently the idea that Faith Healing killed a child has hit the news, when a Doctor was not consulted. Where do we draw the line? All the prayers in the World will not always save a child if they have circumstances needing the help of a health care specialist trained to reverse that abnormality. Prayers, along with the help of a trained healing artist, have saved many lives, and many times it takes both.

Even the purest eating person alive will die from other circumstances, like living too close to a freeway or factory. If they live in a forest with clean air, they might have a poisonous snake or spider bite. They might fall off a cliff.

I know a man that was severly bitten by a rattlesnake. A helicopter rescued him in time, he was given a special formula to reverse the venom, and lived. Yet if he had not been close to the city this man would probably have died within one hour of the bite.

Personally, I eat mostly Vegan with as much raw as possible, yet know others that have not done well on that path. Who am I to judge? If I see someone eating a cheese burger I am not going to tell them it is wrong, yet I might say "Here, try this" if I know something that will satisfy that person better. Yet the truth - even a cheese burger has nutritional benefits, whether we agree or not.

The best advice I can give - Do the best you can, and believe in yourself. We are all human, and none of us always make the right choices. Just avoid beating yourself up if you cannot save a life, eat the perfect diet, or live in paradise. Because even then, eating the best food and breathing the best air - without exception we eventually get sick and die. If our body goes into cardiac arrest - hopefully someone is around to give us CPR, unless it is our time for the transition to after life, and that's just the way it is.

LEARN CPR - YOU CAN DO IT! - Click here for more information. This web site is to be used as a free guide and an informational resource, but it cannot replace real CPR or first aid training. Please try to attend a CPR training course in your community and help save a life. Read more...

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