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Defending Your Health vs Defending Your Life

How I cleared a dangerous tumor without surgery and drugs

By Siri Khalsa - Posted August 26, 2009

Sometimes the best defense is an offense. Many diagnosed with a life threatening condition are sent into a tailspin (are put on the defensive), confused, worried and stressed. Should they get a second opinion? When/or should they tell their family? Should they seek alternative care? Can they just put their heads in the sand and act like nothing is happening?

My personal experience of something along these lines came a few years ago when I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors of the uterus; the largest one being the size of a grapefruit. I was not symptomatic. They were discovered during a routine pap smear.

The doctor left the room to retrieve info about the procedure to have them surgically removed, when the nurse said to me confidentially that if surgically removed, they could easly return, due to the fact that the root cause had not been identified and addressed.

I decided to get to the root cause. Conditions of this nature have been proven to be diet and lifestyle related.

"You are what you eat". I started with food. I maintained an 80% raw food diet for 1 year until the fibriods completely disappeared. The remaining 20% of my diet consisted of the occasional corn tortillas, hummus and pita bread, vegetale broths, seaweed and miso soups.

Because 'death begins in the colon', I received colonics on a regular basis and performed home implants and enemas of wheatgrass, garlic, herbs and supplements. I took herbs, enzymes, wheatgrass, minerals, supplements and a few vitamins; preferring to obtain them from the fresh raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts and legumes (also sprouted). I juiced and sprouted several times a week. I did yoga, martial arts, rode my bike and meditated. Dry skin brushing was performed as recommended by Dr. Bernard Jensen in his book, "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management". I routinely performed other detoxes, fasts and cleanses, including the liver/gallbladder flush.

I had bodywork and took special baths containing oils, baking soda, lemon, etc. I suppose I could have flown to the Philipines, found a psychic surgeon and been done with the whole thing in one shot rather than one year. But, it was a learning process that I would be able to share the info and experience with others.

Anyone suffering from a degenerative disease has developed certain lifestyle habits and practices and made certain food and dietary choices over the years that have had a damaging effect on one or more of the body systems. These conditions do not develop over night.

During my 1 year healing crisis I was trying to cover all the organs and body systems. The body operates at the cellular level through many interrated and interconnected systems. Just to name a few, they are: The circulatory system, the immune system, the nervous system, the skeletal system, the lymph system, etc.

Stress, insufficiencies or deterioration to one system can have an affect on the others. What is the key element for the functioning of all of these systems? The functioning of most of these systems has to do with the body's metabolism. So the metabolic enzymes are essential to its function. Digestive enzymes, on the other hand, work directly with the digestive system.

According to Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD, the developer of the colonoscopy camera, there are 5,000 types of enzymes. He states in his book, The Enzyme Factor, How to Live Long and Never be Sick, that "Everything a person does, whether it is moving the hand or the eyes, or using the brain, depend on enzyme function." He indicates that "heredity does not dictate cancer, heart disease, hight blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes".

For those looking to make a lifestyle change, prevent illness and defend your health instead of your life, I highly recommend Dr. Shinya's book. He has seen over 300,000 patients and has a 0% cancer recurrence rate. He uses a protocol and a lifestyle system he calls "The Enzyme Factor Diet". Please see his book for further details.

Subsequently to my battle with fibroid tumors, I have become an herbalist, nutritionist, birth coach / doula, massage therapist, aromatherapist, yoga teacher, and a quantum bio-feedback technician. I am currently working with the EPFX (QXCI) bio-feedback system and the Kangen water system; also recommended by Dr. Shinya.

My documentary introducing the Moringa tree, the most nutritious source of food on the planet, into Compton, California is with the editor and will be available soon. My Non-profit, Wealth of Wellness is positioned to bring alternative health, new eco information, and services to the healing community. Please contact me any time.

Siri Khalsa - Email:

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