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How to select crystals and stones for healing

By Lisa Selow

Posted July 13, 2009 9:45AM MDT

It’s easy to become mesmerized by the beauty of crystals and stones. Sold at gift stores, metaphysical stores, and bookstores, crystals are readily available. Coming from the earth, each crystal is unique, but each type has a specific healing vibration that can facilitate healing for the user or owner.

Here are some tips for selecting crystals and stones for healing purposes:

1. Go shopping with an open-mind. Shop around, just enjoying the colors, feeling, and beauty of the crystals.

2. Pick different stones up and feel their energy. Are the crystals warm or cold? How does one feel when one holds the different crystals? What just feels good?

3. Select crystals that one feels drawn to or perhaps, enjoys the appearance of versus overanalyzing selections.

4. Consult a crystal reference book if one feels overwhelmed with choices. Look up the stones one is drawn to in order to see if there are common themes or reasons for having the attraction.

5. Experiment with using the stones. One can put them on a desk or bookshelf to admire. Or, carry them in pockets, purses, or in pouches. Some wear crystals as part of their jewelry. Discover for one which methods of using the crystals resonate with one.

6. Research about the human energy field, specifically the chakras. Each of the seven major chakras corresponds with a color of the rainbow. Sometimes, one unconsciously will select crystals of a certain color. It’s interesting to read about the corresponding color’s chakra to gain insights about one’s energy balancing needs or perhaps, one’s personality.

7. Be sure to cleanse the crystals regularly. Be careful because some stones do not do well in direct sunlight or they will fade (an example is amethyst). Some stones will dissolve in water so do not use water for stones like selenite.

8. Consider utilizing crystals outdoors in the garden as a decoration. The energy of the crystals might make one’s plants happy or attract abundance, health, or whatever else is desired.

9. Be aware that sometimes one will lose crystals. This means that one is done being the owner of the crystal. In the same vein, if one no longer resonates with a certain crystal, consider gifting it to someone that may enjoy it.

10. Enjoy the crystals! This is most important. Crystals are meant to be enjoyed and not meant to be stored away.

Lisa Selo, Lisa Selow is a professional Empowering Intuitive, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, Certified Medium certified by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Specializing in Life Purpose Readings! Website: Please write with comments on this article. Visit My Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn Profile: MySpace: Become Friends with My Facebook Page: VibesUP Products: Read My Articles at the Examiner: FREE Abundance Project I'm Involved In:

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