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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." —Thomas Edison

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Collective Consciousness – A Great Healing Force

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely

Collective ConsciousnessOne of the least understood potential healing and health ways is the effect of collective consciousness. Much can be accomplished by simply allying our thoughts and beliefs with an agreeable understanding of these ways.

Collective consciousness refers to the shared beliefs and moral attitudes that can operate as a unifying force within society.

Through collective consciousness, used with a constructive visualization, we can literally change the World – either positively or negatively, depending on how it’s used. For this amazing way to work well in our human society we need to realize strength happens in numbers. The more people get behind a specified way, the more likely it is to work.

Full power of the brain and nervous system is never completely realized, as most of us only use a small fraction of its potential. It will only benefit us to keep an open mind when allowing ourselves to believe in something that will benefit us. Let’s look at examples:

People often get sick when they are depressed, let down, or in some way feel they are deprived of something they really need. The strong willed individual simply uses a “setback” to proceed, thinking “This only makes me stronger when I can overcome the challenging situation”. The “power of positive thinking”, is set in motion, manifesting needed changes when we can get behind this great force.

Things really shift quickly when we as a “collective consciousness” support a swift “economic turn-around”, and get out of this idea that we are doomed. Bad news can depress us, especially negative media forecasts. We can easily counter this by simply not buying into massive oppression, and going ahead with an ideal; “Things are getting better, every day and in every way”. It would benefit us to make that a daily chant, and truly believe it.

Social IntelligentsiaSure, all the Government ways of paying off the same bad guys that gets us in a financial quagmire has impacted most of society. Yet what brings us joy? Simply sharing the vast resources we still have. When money is lacking, share a meal with others, do community service, or simply believe “We shall overcome”.

Happiness helps us quickly forget our shortcomings, and gives us the brighter goal of making things better for all.

When you are sick or diagnosed with a chronic illness, there are viable positive steps to overcome these setbacks, and this is where collective consciousness can really benefit all. A great mind will realize this fact: We can truly overcome ALL illness by simply changing our mind, when the masses get behind a movement. We CAN get well without subjecting our bodies to severe poisons, chemicals, drugs, surgery, etc. when we BELIEVE it, and put this great force in action.

Depending on how the mind believes, we can either directly manifest illness or perfect health. This is how one can live after free-falling 10,000 feet without a parachute, or how cancers mysteriously disappear in some individuals, while others die quickly. Sometimes there is little or no room for doubt.

This is how “faith healers” have miraculously cured numerous chronic aliments through the ages. Here is how it works: Most people in the room or circle, sometimes hundreds or thousands, believe in this man or woman. They channel the “collective consciousness” through their bodies, and into the diseased individual, causing a drastic “turn-around”.

Many Gurus or Mystic Teachers have done this, and actually glow from the experience of channeling back to their students / followers the collective energy from the group consciousness. People actually believe these “Great Masters” have amazing powers, when this “power” actually originated right from their own “inner being” in this way. This is an unlimited source of energy. Any one has this capability of channeling through their own bodies, when properly trained.

Once I had a serious impaction / necrosis from a rotting tooth. Others told me if I did not see a dentist immediately that I could die. I reversed this consciously, and did not lose the tooth, until years later. I truly believe that if the collective consciousness [majority of people] would start believing teeth can actually grow back naturally, we could see this happen as a common experience… yet once again, we need to seriously believe this.

Collective Consciousness, Group Consciousness, Let’s start, as a collective consciousness, to put this energy / power into practice – That we are only limited to our imagination and we can all achieve enlightenment instantly. Start believing that you will overcome ALL your problems, and truly wish that for others.

Remember to say “Thank you” to all those that have made our lives possible, and for all the great blessings we have achieved. Really share gratitude, and see that “God” existing in everyone, everywhere. Realize that you are united with a limitless Essence, One with all the Illuminated Souls that form the embodiment of the Eternal Master, the Spirit of Guidance, going beyond any name and form, that has been with us since before we were born, and will continue long after our bodies have gone.

Never forget that our only limitations are those that we are trained to believe. Release all those that have held us back, and we will then find our Eternal Home in the Light of Consciousness that has no beginning, nor any end. Give it your best effort – every day, and in all ways. You are not alone.

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