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Ways to achieve a balanced lifestyle by Elizabeth Lawton, HHC

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Balance: Mind-Body-Spirit

A balanced lifestyle depends on balance in mind-body-spirit. Only you can know when you have achieved this balance.

By Elizabeth N. Lawton, HHC

Wellness Body - Mind - Spirit Intelligence of Being Whole [TM]

Updated March 09, 2009

Regardless of who you are, or where you live, one thing seems apparent: our way of life may be falling apart. Political systems, financial systems, health care systems and retirement systems are in crisis, just to name a few. Yet, this should come as no great surprise.

The health of many individuals is decreasing. The decline is expedited by stress. Collectively, the negative impact on our economies and our planet is staggering. The time is past due for each of us to seriously get back to basic knowledge that our mind-body-spirit is interwoven. This understanding is the essential foundation to health, happiness and prosperity.


Within the past 70 years western medicine began studying the mind-body link. Before these studies, and since the beginning of modern medicine, the mind and body were managed as separate entities; with the mind an afterthought (no pun intended). Let's look at it briefly…

Western findings now support theories there are three parts to the mind: analytic, reactive and somatic. The three parts work together and the analytic and somatic is straight forward in their function. However, it is the reactive mind which can unpredictably impact both physical and mental health.

Coincident to mental processing, the subconscious mind transparently influences mind-body functions and actions.

Today, many healing therapies call on us to 'renew the mind.' We each get insights to our subconscious by paying close attention to our thoughts, words, phrases and perceptions; and we have more leverage over choosing an appropriate therapy that we formerly knew.

A disciplined approach to journaling, making affirmations and various counseling techniques can allow hidden thoughts to surface that can influence what our reactive mind subconsciously perceives as a painful situations or a threat.

The simple action of creating a daily gratitude list is one way to support positively changing ones outlook. Prayer and meditation are useful to calm the mind as we work through these practices. These are some introductory techniques we can do on our own, or better yet, with the guided help of a qualified health coach. What results from these types of exercises, and how the information that comes up is managed, can determine the rate of a cure or healing.


Many eastern practices focus on the mind first and the mind-body formula is revered prior to prescribing a drug, a treatment or a cure. Today, as western integrative medicine embrace eastern traditions, more focus is placed on physical exercise, normalizing the body's chemical composition using the nutrients in real (and not processed) food and supporting emotional healing through numerous wellness modalities.

There is a re-education process that must occur which recognizes the bio-individuality, or uniqueness, of our constitution. The best place to begin is to focus on eating whole food meals and discovering exercise that suits our body type, in addition to maintaining any medically prescribed routines.


Formerly the Spirit remained in the religious domain. This is no longer true as western and eastern teachers, philosophers and religious leaders, by way of enlightened thought, are coming to the same experience. Many people now believe that religions are individual manifestations of a Universal Creator; where Spirit is energy which lives within all beings, binding us together as one. However, the debate between Religion and Spirituality is on-going.

No matter your school of thought, one truth remains. The mind-body-spirit condition can be accessed through an emotional *gradient scale ranging between fear, grief and depression to joy, appreciation and love. This truth recognizes the (Holy) Spirit as a source of power (energy) and strength; and a guide in the healing process. In this truth, the phrase, "Listen to your body," gives meaning to another saying, "Your body knows best."

Our Spirit guide is better known as intuition, a feeling in your heart, a gut feeling, a spine tingling moment, etc. etc. Certain wellness practices allow us to prepare our mind-body for the moving of this energy within and throughout our being. The closer we bring our mind-body into alignment with its true nature (rhythm), the more we will feel the Spirit (energy) moving within our being; hence the mind-body-spirit connection. This level of awareness requires us to be as toxin-free in our mind-body, as humanly possible.

The United States is an abundant nation. We do not lack for nourishment. However, we may have too much nourishment in one aspect of our lives, and not enough in another. If you look closely at the top diseases in the US, you will see bodily evidence that we are a country of excess and of over nourishment. Arthritis is the excessive accumulation of unhealthy materials in our joints, Coronary Heart Disease is an excessive accumulation of cholesterol in our arteries, and Obesity and Type II Diabetes is an excessive accumulation of refined sugars that burdens and plagues our internal systems. The list goes on.

Promoting good health and wellness relies on each of us raising our Food IQ and understanding our own balance around nourishment. Therein, the wisdom of the saying "All things in moderation," will manifest the Mind-Body-Spirit Intelligence of Being Whole.

* As you practice various healing techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a non-evasive and gentle therapeutic process that can help to peel back emotional layers as you move through each emotional phases to total freedom.

For more information about Elizabeth N. Lawton and her important work, go to:

The Taste of Nutritious Harmony by Elizabeth Lawton http://www.NutritiousHarmony.com

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