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Natural Products Expo West - Biggest Show next to Disneyland...

by Dennis Knicely, Editor, Healling News Network - Monday, March 09, 2009

Anaheim, California annually hosts the Natural Products Expo West, and 2009 is a big, important event. "Everything natural" is here, from soaps, foods, cosmetics, style, design, health lines, remedies, literature, fashion, supplements, equipment, brokers, etc. and sometimes "not so" natural products.

The 3 day show has more than 3,000 booths and 50,000 attendees on an average year. This one is no exception, with an International cast of Suppliers, brokers, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, press, etc. with an amazing number of visitors, some paying $350 - $500 just to get a pass.

It is virtually impossible to review all booths as there is so much available, with many lines of products we now sometimes see every day in our Nation's stores as well as International representatives from all parts of the World.

As the Nation's economy withers on most fronts, folks at this event are convinced they can survive this downturn. Many businesses report theirs are doing better than ever. Some are barely breaking even, and of course others wish they had more to invest. Yet the general mood at the convention was very upbeat, with lots of enthusiam regarding this booming business sector.

Lately Americans and others many are reeling from stock market losses or "Ponzi" schemes. However, people still need to eat and stay healthy. For those that still have money to invest, natural products are a relatively "safe" place to put your money, as our society becomes more health conscious about choices.

One must still be careful though, as many products listed as "natural" still have many processed additives and chemicals. As natural products markets are financially growing all the time, many are joining the movement without proper nutritional standards, yet there is limited monitoring to uphold these ratings.

I met an investigator from the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] at this show and they are watching, yet underfunded to control all levels, so consumer discretion is still advised. The FDA are sometimes criticized for allowing so many chemical pharmaceutical drugs to be permitted, yet still think some criticism is unfair, as there is so much for them to research. This is why each of us can help when we research available products ourselves, and understand which are useful to keep our households safe.

For the fast paced society we live in, where buying pure unprocessed organic produce, nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, etc. are not always available, processed foods that abound at this show can sustain us in our rush to get around. Let's hope that large grocery chains and others continue to improve and expand their lines of natural products.

To find out more about the Natural Products Expo, go to:

New Hope Natural Media Online

EDITOR'S NOTE: As we keep going there will be links to numerous pages featuring all the ways found to work in healing numerous ailments.

We are keeping a relatively open mind, looking at every alternative available to the extreme procedures using dangerous drugs, chemo / chemicals, and surgeries. Please feel free to contact us if you feel your input could help in any way. Thanks - The Editor

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