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Healing Teeth Natural without Drugs, Surgery or Dentists

By Dennis Knicely, D.D.

Naturally healing teeth was a success. I am a living, breathing, example that one can have a severe necrosis [dental caries] between the teeth and the bone; under the gum; and still heal it naturally, without seeing a dentist, no pain killers [not even aspirin], no pharmaceutical antibiotics, and above all, no lost or pulled teeth to deal with.

First, I would not recommend this treatment for the light - hearted. It takes guts and determination when your jaw swells up, you're holding it in pain, no relief is in sight, and almost everybody you see says or thinks, "Go to a dentist immediately or you might die".

After 2 or 3 nights of agony, and not knowing where to turn, I called my friend Dr. Bernarr Zovluck, and he just said fast, rest, and sweat it out [see following article]. That sounded great to me, and I did it until everyday chores started backing up, missed work, and generally didn't accomplish what is needed to keep up with things.

Fasting did help it along, and at least it did not get any worse. What helps the most, I found, is just keeping faith and knowing that it will get better, and there really is no room for doubt here, as this is serious deterioration going on inside your mouth and it needs remedied quick and efficient. The process took 6 weeks, so patience is imperative. Prayer really helps, especially with others who believe in this [what some call] miracle turn - around.

When one is in severe pain, sometimes it seems easiest to just call a dentist, take the pain killers, penicillin, go back and have it x-rayed, pulled, root canal and / or capped. That is the main stream and [mostly accepted] approach. I just avoid drugs and chemicals, and abhor the thought of somebody else in my mouth with a high speed drill or jerking out body parts. Sorry, but that's not fun for me.

I guess by "their" standards, I am stubborn. At first I just fasted, but after a few days without "fast" enough results - it still hurt too much. So I tried the colloidal silver, which retarded the infection, but did not seem strong enough to really knock it out. Also, silver is considered a "collective poison", and this abscess infection was going to take "mega doses" to knock out, so I quit using it as fast as I started. The most effective healing technique, yet sometimes tedious, was "touch therapy", programming the surrounding tissue to rejuvenate and return to normal function.

The most effective tooth remedy I have found is a special essential mouthwash formula [call or write for details]... A few drops on a toothbrush will clear out most gum diseases, and assist in plaque retardation. With proper flossing and brushing, even without toothpaste, this formula really works in refreshing the mouth and relieving gum and tooth ache pain. I have avoided Dentists for 8 years using this formula. It still was not strong enough to get rid of this virulent necrosis that had managed to "dig in". The infection started when I had forgotten my toothbrush on a trip, and was out of the Mouthwash formula for a couple of weeks.

This pocket of "anti - life matter" [necrosis] is in fact very dangerous. It takes major care and caution to "channel it" back out. Not realizing the consequences, I attempted moving it over the jaw, into the neck area, which is dangerous if it were too close to the main arteries, as too much in the system at once could cause a severe reaction. I found out the hard way not to do it that way as I immediately became very nauseous, and realized my system was becoming toxic as a result. It took a few days for my body to repair its short journey from the mouth. It is better to keep it contained, and visually / consciously see the "anti - life pocket" transformed to life force and see the tissue transformed back the way it was before this "foreign invasion". I kept massaging it back in the direction from where it started, visualizing it as getting better and better every day, and in every way.

In a few days the gum was the first to heal itself.

Regular toothbrushes, tooth pastes, and dental approach with flossing, etc., will probably keep your teeth clean. Teeth are really delicate, though, and most commercial tooth pastes, even Tom's natural formulas, include an abrasive calcium, which can eventually wear off the tooth's enamel. There is a certain amount of natural absorption that happens on the tooth's surface once the enamel is worn down. Enamel is worn off by intense brushing. It also dulls the surface of teeth, just like Ajax cleanser will dull a porcelain sink's surface. Eventually, it can and will be totally eaten up. The key here is learning how to keep teeth optimally clean and free of the deteriorating little microorganisms without wearing them down to nothing.

A report was recently released claiming aloe vera is good for cleaning teeth as well as reducing dangerous germs leading to tooth decay.

It is also my opinion that teeth can absorb [from the outside] certain nutrients assisting it in their natural regeneration, but that is knocked out by the strong chemical formulas [like fluoride] used from main stream indoctrination. Teeth are a living organism in themselves, part of our total body organism. They depend on life force to be alive and [hopefully] regenerate after deterioration.

I have effectively used and heard from others that Vegetarian source Calcium Powder, packed around an infected tooth, and even packing inside the decayed areas of teeth [after they are properly cleaned] has sometimes assisted in teeth naturally healing themselves or at least retarded the decay. This, however, is not a proven science. In most cases smaller cavities can sometimes grow back, yet larger holes will either need to be dentally filled or further decay will most likely take place.

Vegan vegetarians might not like this, but natural bristle tooth brushes seem to be more effective, not causing the wear and tear on teeth happening with nylon bristle brushes. Peelu Tooth Powder [not tooth paste] is very effective in cleaning teeth and clearing plaque build up. Combining this naturally occurring peelu wood / bark powder with a few drops of the recommended essential mouthwash is what I consider the best thing you can do for your mouth to prevent dental caries. Flossing is also important. Toothpicks are an all time favorite when you have forgotten your toothbrush.

After brushing and flossing the teeth, I took a severe, [semi] natural approach to really finally cure this mouth disease. Wild oregano oil, professionally mixed with olive oil, was "the ticket" after deciding that colloidal silver could lead to other [not so favorable] complications. Wild oregano oil is potent. Be aware that this is not the general food grade herb used in food preparation. Be careful not to use too much, as it can burn the mouth and skin. It is very powerful as an antibiotic germ and bacteria fighter. I put 2 drops [more only if you can handle it] on the infected tooth and gum area, and immediately used a little water to swish it in my mouth, and then swallow it, by chasing down with more water. There will be a burning sensation following, but this generally does not last very long. Some people recommend using extra acidophilus [vegan formula] later, as antibiotics tend to disturb natural flora in the intestines - I personally did not have this problem. Once again, if you cannot find it wild oregano oil, give me a call or write. It really worked for me.

NOTE: Wild Oats, now Whole Foods Market, carry oregano oil in veggie caps, making it easier to assimilate. However, still be careful not to use too much, as this does wipe out micro flora in the digestive system. Although not as severe on the system as the conventional penicillin, regeneration of micro-flora in the digestive tract is recommended, and can be done with yogurt. I recommend the soy blend, though there are acidophilus blends in supplements also.

I am also a firm believer that if just left alone and not messed with, missing teeth can and will regenerate. All the vanity of modern life dictates otherwise, but research showed that people avoiding dentists might not have as "pretty" a mouth, but still had an average of 30% more natural tooth mass remaining at death than those going to dentists...

I am in no way telling people to avoid dentists; on the contrary, what I am really advocating is that with more research and validations like this, we can collectively agree that teeth can be healed naturally. I have literally talked to a woman who has had a 3rd. and then a 4th tooth grow back in in the same place! For these ideas to be explored properly could change the way modern dentistry is approached. I also feel high speed drills often heat up the teeth too much, which could cause tissue damage and contribute to tooth loss.

Realize that when an area of the mouth is so pumped up with all the pain killers, infection retardants, even with the most extreme antiseptic and sterilization techniques, someone else with another infected tooth was just worked on in that same dentist's office before you, etc. I know the effect. My grandfather was a dentist, and he died from Lung Cancer, probably from drilling so many teeth. He could drill on my teeth [and did] without any pain killers, as he took his time on an older, slower drill, without speeding it up so fast that it hurt. I am convinced dentists often take out more good tooth than is necessary, as those drills sometimes go over 80,000 rpm's, and its hard to be careful when you're in a hurry, with 10 more patients backed up behind you in the waiting room.

More later... I have to go finish a gourmet raw vegan meal...

-Dennis Knicely of the Healing News Network


David Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System book he recommends the following for infections and to boost the immune system:
1 ripe jalapeno or orange habanero
5 ribs of bok choy
10 kale leaves


By Dr. Bernarr, D.C., D.D.

Many people write to me, "I have long wondered about the teeth and why so many people have so many problems with them."

The teeth, gums and mouth, are the beginning of the digestive tract. If there is too much toxic stress any where in the digestive tract, the God within forces one to physiologically rest all of the digestive tract. One is therefore painfully unable to use the beginning of the digestive tract, the
teeth gums and mouth. To heal one's teeth, one should close one's eyes and meditate proprioceptively (feel) on the pain and discomfort in the teeth.

The God within reacts to the stress in one's teeth and creates inflammation in one's dysfunctional teeth, to heal the teeth. As part of the inflammatory reaction of the inherent healing intelligence in the stressful teeth, the God within instinctively brings its healing resources to the effected part, to heal it.

The God within and its inherent healing intelligence. causes one pain in the teeth to force one to physiologically rest the teeth and keep the teeth immobile. In every inflammation of the teeth, the healing intelligence of the God within, causes pain in the teeth, to prevent one foolishly, from trying to move or use the teeth. The inherent healing intelligence is trying to physiologically rest that part.

Dr. Virginia V. Vetrano writes, "Under ideal conditions...(teeth) can be healed. Caries (cavities) can probably be filled physiologically; we just never give them a chance. As soon as a cary (cavity) is discovered, it is filled with gold, silver or porcelain. Nature certainly can't fight against that, although she tries to at times and casts our fillings. I have seen one case where the enamel was badly eroded off all the front teeth. that was apparently replaced while fasting."

In "Nature the Healer", John H. Richter wrote on page 385, "In my practice, I have noted some splendid instances of broken teeth growing back to their full length without other aid than natural food. However, I find that this is not generally believed. It may be necessary for grownups to live for many years in Nature's way, before they will be able to accomplish this feat. Their bloodstream must be made vital. On the other hand, I know of men as old as seventy-five years who have grown another set of teeth."

In 1923, Dr. Herbert Shelton wrote, that he saw a man in his 60's grow three new teeth without a change in the man's mode of life. Dr. Herbert Shelton further wrote, "In total inanition (starvation), the experimental animal is deprived of all food and water. It is obvious that the animal will not live as long when deprived of water as when receiving water. But the reader will note that no changes occur in the teeth in animals that are given water only until they starve to death." Dr. Herbert Shelton, further wrote, "In the pyorrhea that 'four out of five' are said to have, we see inflammation, loosening of the teeth, necrosis of the jaw, and even falling out of the teeth. In numerous cases that we have cared for, the gum inflammation has subsided, the ulcers have healed, pus formation has ceased and the loosened teeth have become firmly fixed in their sockets, and all of this has occurred while the patient was fasting."

Rene Beresford writes, "The teeth are bones. Bones do heal and regenerate under favorable conditions. Even the enamel of the teeth, it seems is able to repair itself, as I have been able to demonstrate on a broken tooth of my own. Self-restoration of teeth with cavities in them have been reported by dentists within the last few years."

Dr. Virginia V. Vetrano further writes, "Disease of the gums and periodontal tissues heal, while fasting, and teeth become firmer in their sockets...Abscesses will often absorb while fasting, but it will usual take a lengthy fast."

Dr. Robert O. Nara, D.D.S. writes, "Teeth can heal themselves...Early caries (cavities) can be medically reversed; the body's natural self-regenerating ability can restore degraded enamel to perfect health!" Dr. Sogannes, D.D.S. writes, "There is nothing sacred about the original enamel surface...within certain limits, the enamel is capable of fairly rapid organic recoating and remineralization, when favorably exposed to salivary contacts."


I have helped heal themselves, thousands of people and animals, world-wide, of all kinds of "hopeless" health problems, physical, mental and spiritual, completely and permanently, via the Internet. Contact me NOW and I will help you heal yourself, your loved ones and your animals, via the Internet.

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