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Healing the Swine Flu - Truths & Facts

Avoiding symptoms through understanding

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely

This latest health threatening strain of swine flu is known as influenza type A virus subtype H1N1.

Factory farming of swine.  Photo courtesy of Farm SanctuaryLots of new information is coming out daily about inhumane factory farm lots, where conditions are beyond squalor. These pig lots are literally breeding grounds for sickness. It's simply beyond my comprehension why ANYONE would consider eating factory processed pork, if they knew how these animals are treated, and what they have been through before hitting a dinner table.

The Swine Flu

This earliest related H1N1 strain [1998] related to the present day version was documented in North Carolina, U.S.A., plaguing factory farms. Research was first released on this by Columbia University Center for Computation Biology in the U.S. Numerous renowned scientists have confirmed that 3/4 of the genetic material from this latest H1N1 type A influenza strain was a "triple hybrid virus" originating at U.S. factory farms.

A name sometimes says it all. This disease originates from less than sanitary conditions animals live and are raised in. Around Thanksgiving 2005 a teenage boy helped his brother-in-law butcher 31 pigs at a local Wisconsin slaughterhouse, and a week later the 17-year-old pinned down another pig while it was gutted. He later came down with the H1N1 swine influenza.

U.S. pork behemoth Smithfield Foods runs massive hog-rearing operations near the village in Mexico where the swine flu evidently reared up; and that local residents believed the mysterious, virulent flu-like outbreak was tied to flies emanating from the vast uncovered pools of sewage that abut the hog factories (For an excellent on-the-ground report from Mexico, see Steve Fainaru’s piece from Sunday’s Washington Post). or

There are hundreds of industrial-scale hog facilities that have sprung up around Mexico in recent years, and the thousands of people employed inside the crowded, pathogen-filled confinement buildings and processing plants.

Normally humans are not infected, yet it does happen at times. Direct exposure to infected pigs can cause the swine flu, and I got sick once, just driving by a pig lot. The odor was so bad I gagged and became nauseous. However, the swine flu we are discussing is more serious, possibly causing death, with a grave concern this could cause a pandemic.

Unsubstantiated rumors circulate that this new strain was passed to the public by mssing vials from a lab experimenting with it, yet there is no clear evidence to substantiate this. Research indicates this latest H1N1 pathogen is not as severe as other Avian Flu viruses.

Big factory pig farms are some of America's worst pollutersH1N1 Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. Type A is the most common and usually causes the most serious epidemics. Swine are subject to this illness, as well as avian influenza and human influenza. When pigs are infected by other species, the virus can reassert and emerge as a new strain.

It is clearly not possible for any vaccine or remedy to always work for this illness, as it is in constant mutation. The facts are evident, and have been documented for thousands of years - pigs are considered unclean. Period.

Sometimes people just ignore the facts, and eat filthy food. This sets in motion the need for drugs and chemicals, to counter the adverse effects of eating nasty stuff. It would probably be simpler for folks to just eat correctly, yet many are so much into the sensual gratification of consuming another creature, that they ignore what they might have learned through religion or other sources. It is extremely dangerous to consume pork, ham, lard, pig meat, bacon, or other bi-products of this disease ridden carcass.

In traditional Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist cultures people consider swine as an "unclean food". References to this fact are even documented in the Bible. Countries such as Egypt have decided to wipe out their entire herd. Pigs can be found in many places around Muslim world, often raised by religious minorities who can eat pork. But they are banned entirely in some Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Libya.

How does one avoid getting the Swine Flu? Probably the best advice is avoid contact with pork products, and avoid eating them. This disease will not be passed from eating the food, if it is cooked and prepared properly. Yet the disease can be passed if eaten raw or under-cooked. However, one is less susceptible if they have not eaten the swine products, as this food has an enzyme permeating the consumer.

To an average American with a body full of parasites [virus, bacteria, worms, etc.] living in them after eating animals, quitting consumption of contaminated swine and other foods can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms. The body might go through a period of craving, cramps, nausea or sometimes even worse symptoms associated with denying the body these [mostly] contaminated foods.

The first flu virus was identified in the 1930s. Since then, scientists have classified flu viruses into types A, B, and C. Type A is the most common and usually causes the most serious epidemics. Type B outbreaks can also cause epidemics, yet the disease it produces generally is milder than that caused by type A. Type C viruses never have been connected with a large epidemic.

The Common Flu can also be caused by any number of toxins including pharmaceutical chemicals. Healing the Flu means eating and thinking correctly, as well as cleansing the system with fresh water, juices or other natural means.

Culture and enzymes for the growth of Swine Flu are introduced to the body by simply eating swine and pork products. Once one has eaten them, the body is naturally permeated with the culture necessary for Flu Virus growth. The body is now infected with a major player in propagating the flu.

When an infected human comes in contact with a pig or another human with the Flu symptoms, chances are they could get it, unless they have a strong immune system to begin with. If that culture already exists in their system, they will most likely go through a "sick" period, just fighting off Influenza A, and it can be severe, depending on how often this person has been eating pork or other meats, like poultry / fowl, that supports the growth of the flu virus.

Vaccinations give people a small dose of disease, assuming they will become immune from the dose. Often, people actually get severe illness from the vaccine, and start SPREADING disease, instead of avoiding it. But politicians get campaign contributions from operations that manufacture "poisons" [especially Monsanto, who made huge$$ from DDT, etc.], as well as the AMA and other associated organizations that profit from proliferation of pharmaceutical drugs and [many times] unnecessary surgeries.

If you take a flu vaccine, you may have a mild reaction, such as a fever, sore muscles, and tiredness, yet most people don't have a severe reaction.

I say it is better to KNOW the cause of an illness, and that way one can decide whether or not they will continue consuming contaminated animal products and risk getting a debilitating illness from this practice.

To quit eating pork and swine products does not mean you will never get the Swine Flu. Yet based on my experience, chances are you won't have the severe symptoms that one eating the contaminated pig product will. If you do, it will be a milder case, as the body does not have much of a culture for colonies of Swine Influenza Virus to exist.

Most of the time, we can fight off the Flu, by just eating correctly, and avoiding foods that break down the system. However, we occasionally get caught in rooms full of people coughing and sneezing, shake hands with someone contaminated, or in some way it slips into our system from being too close to another diseased individual. That's why it is so important to eat correctly, so we can fight off the virus before it gets us. Yet you still have to be careful.

The Vegan, mostly Raw Diet is most beneficial, utilizing fresh nuts and seeds for protein. Cooking beans and rice [or corn] for food is much better than meat to get essential proteins when uncontaminated nuts, seeds, and all living and raw foods are gone from the shelves or refrigerator.

Sometimes we have to be practical to survive the Cold seasons, especially with escalated fuel costs from importing. In the summer, when raw foods are readily available, eat them. Even the Common Cold can be repressed by just avoiding all animal products and overly processed foods, yet it is still essential to have a good balance of Citrus and other fruits with natural vitamin C. When Citrus is not available, fresh Chili Peppers are a great source of vitamin C. A full spectrum balance of healthy natural, unprocessed foods is most beneficial.

Reports are coming in that vitamin D helps build natural immunity to the Flu. Of course the best source of vitamin D is sunlight, and when not available it can be consumed as a supplement.

We must also support Organic Farmers, as diseases similar to the Flu symptoms can also be spread through contaminated soil, laced with toxins and poisons from insecticides, herbicides, and feces - human as well as other animals at times. When animal wastes and unsanitary conditions exist from the way food is handled, as many precautions should be taken as possible. Produce and other foods need to be washed well to avoid possilbe illness and/or parasites.

Tell your farmers to avoid using seeds from companies associated with Monsanto, Dupont, and other outfits marketing Genetically Modified Foods, which can be very dangerous to our health as well as the environment. Look at labels before buying products, to make sure they do not contain ingredients that can cause illness. Tell your Congressmen and Senators to support legislation requiring labeling of genetically modified foods, as well as organic. Let your Government officials know how you feel about genetically altered species, that could totally upset the balance of Nature even worse than it presently is.

Modern genetically altered Pigs and Swine, especially those in most factory farms, do not even resemble their Ancient Ancestors. Before the Euro-Christian invasion of this country, the wild boars that roamed free are mostly extinct now. The proliferation of filthy cities have propagated their genetically engineered cousins [common pig] that now exist, and are extremely contaminated. Modern "pig farms" are threatening fresh ground water, contaminating wells, and run-off from these operations allows a number of harmful, potentially deadly toxins to enter our water streams.

Huge areas of what used to be pristine lands are now extremely polluted by factory farms raising swine, chickens, turkeys, cows, etc. harming both streams and the land.

Only you can make this choice for yourself, while re-educating society to the truth. By knowing the difference, at least now you are aware of the truth. Why do MD's still recommend chicken soup as a flu remedy? Would someone actually eat bacon and eggs while trying to fight off the flu? Duh? Sometimes fighting fire with fire works, but most of the time common sense works better.

To find out more, go to: "Healing the Flu"

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LOL, Dr. Dennis Knicely, Editor

For serious inquiries or to book for lectures: 310-403-8160


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Note: Some of these sites include great Natural Remedies for the Flu. Some are not considered Holistic, just here for the information. Many are considered natural alternatives that can be bought or used without prescription from an MD. - The Editor

The Great Swine Flu Cover-Up - Laura Carlsen - 2009-09-25 - ALAI, América Latina en Movimiento - Mexico has been considered the laboratory of globalization since it initiated the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. In April of 2009 a deadly virus germinated in that laboratory, finding ideal conditions to move quickly into a global pandemic. Read more...

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Source pages to OTHER SITES DEFINING THE FLU / Avian Influenza / Fowl Plague:

Note: Since most of these links are to outfits still assuming people eat the birds, they are limited to what they know about causes and effects linked to this illness. I am neither endorsing nor suggesting their remedies, just posting them for the information. -The Editor


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