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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." —Thomas Edison

Healing Diabetes and Reversing Diabetic Conditions

Restoring Kidney Function without Drugs, Dialysis or Surgery

By Dr. Dennis Knicely

One can recover quite quickly from type 2 diabetes when proper nutritional guidelines are met, and it can still taste good. Symptoms can be reversed naturally when following proper protocol. Conventional methods can be severe when approached using standard medical procedure. Type 1 diabetic conditions are somewhat more challenging, yet there is still hope. Here are some guidelines.

Some of the best foods for balancing blood sugar:
Wild cedar berries -- 5 or 6 eaten raw, Brussels Sprouts, Cinnamon, and Jerusalem Artichokes - roots that look like ginger.

It is good to understand and avoid reasons why one has diabetes to reverse the symptoms. Generally those involved in SAD ways [standard American diet] use sugar-laced soft drinks, candies, cakes, and many other foods with sugar additives. When consumed, these raise blood sugar significantly, causing a reaction known as "Hypoglycemia", that drops blood sugar below what is norm, after the body releases its own natural insulin in a greater quantity than what is needed.

Maintaining this lifestyle year after year can deplete the body of natural insulin, leading to the diabetic conditions, when the body is no longer able to balance its own blood sugar level without insulin supplementation or other drugs to achieve this. One can heal from this condition, yet it does take discipline.

Avoid all refined sugars, most severe in this order: cane, honey, corn syrup, agave, maple syrup, etc. Avoid any foods that have any of these ingredients in them, as they are known to drastically raise the blood sugar. The more refined they are, the more acute the problem, with granulated sugar at the top of the list. These sugars break down quickly, and can pass through lining of the stomach, quickly raising blood sugar level.

One of the most severe combinations, leading to numerous illnesses, especially diabetes / diabetic conditions, are the "5 white poisons": white milk, white eggs, white flour, white sugar, and refined white salt. What are the results of mixing these things? Cookies and Cakes. Yummy, but wait a minute: These are probably the worst things a diabetic can eat next to soft drinks and candy. Just wheat products by themselves can raise blood sugar. Other grains, like millet, rice or corn are much less severe, yet still raise blood sugar.

Alcoholic beverages are another big challenge with people, in many cases leading to severe diabetic. This is especially true with certain ethnic groups, especially numerous Native American Indian people.

I have been to an American Indian hospital and watched one of my best friends in the World die from diabetes, given "mainstream" surgeries related to the Government picking up the Dr's. tab. It was free for this Ancient Native. At the same time they were serving their patients "candied fruit" out of a can!

There are numerous natural herbal remedies that have helped reverse diabetic conditions. Many Doctors consider diabetes as a "chronic, terminal illness", yet it does not have to be when approached utilizing natural remedies.

Food combining can often times wreak havoc on our systems, especially with those that are not aware of this. Fruit and/or sweets mixed with grains is a major culprit. This can cause fermentation to start in our system, leading to all kinds of problems, including candida, acid stomach, body fat, etc. Gases are released in the system, slipping through the linings of the digestive tracts, and coagulating into the fat.

Only use naturally occurring sweet foods from plant sources, like fresh fruit. Although raising the blood sugar level somewhat, these foods will often reduce craving for the more severe refined sugars, and actually help one recover from diabetic when not overeating them or mixing them with grains. Dates can be used sparingly, but the fresher the better, and always mixed with other nuts or fruits, as they are too sweet by themselves and not too many! Be careful here, as some have lower tolerance for fruit sugar than others.

Refined white salt is known to raise blood pressure. Natural unbleached and unrefined salt is much preferable. Independent research shows naturally occurring salts generally will not cause the rise in blood pressure.

I once consulted with a young lady that had been on insulin for 8 years after being diagnosed as "chronic diabetic". She had been eating a mostly raw diet for 6 months, and even after eating a dessert with maple syrup, I told her: "I am not allowed to prescribe or tell you what to do, but you are probably cured of diabetes after eating such a clean diet". She decided on her own not to use the insulin, and came back to visit a few days later with the report: "I have not used insulin since talking with you, and am excited to say my blood sugar is still perfectly balanced without it!"

One time I was celebrating my birthday, and another lady with the same "birth date" came by with a testimonial: "I was diagnosed as chronic diabetic before starting a vegan/raw diet. After 3 months my blood sugar was so clean I completely healed, and have had no use for the drugs and insulin since."

When one is so addicted to sweets and they are going through severe, extreme cravings, stevia, a natural herb that tastes sweet is a viable alternative. This can be grown in your own herb garden found at natural foods or purchased on line. This is much preferable to the chemical / artificial sweeteners in many processed foods and drinks, as they can be dangerous.

Humans generally like things sweeter than is natural for our bodies, raising the blood sugar immensely and impacting the body's glands, creating a severe imbalance. Most would not have a problem by just eliminating all substances with cane sugar and most syrups, including honey.

Apples seem to be the most balanced sugar in the fruit kingdom. You can eat an apple, and it generally will not drastically raise or lower blood sugar. My suggestion: If you are craving a candy bar or cookie, just eat an apple or pear! It works, try it! After a week or two, those cravings for unnatural sweets start disappearing.

Of the people selecting to eat just a Vegan/Raw diet, total reversal of diabetic, even severe that has been diagnosed by mainstream as "chronic", has been achieved in 2-4 weeks in a majority of type 2 diabetes cases. I cannot guarantee this, but most people "taking the plunge" that I know of, have have balances blood sugar, without the insulin or drugs, within a month.

This path is not for the light hearted, or those thinking they can go back to the same old patterns while maintaining the healing and rejuvenation from this diet. That's why I recommend a moderate approach, being gentle with yourself until you have achieved a complete adjustment to this new, fresh and exciting way to live.

Check out: . This site is a good source for learning more about the Vegan diet, but not necessarily raw. A great site for the raw foods is:

We have formulated programs and there are some great books related to the subject. There are many great tasting recipes, and plenty of things one can eat that will satisfy even the most severe cravings, yet it is not the easiest diet to maintain, since society is so versed in "junk food mentality".

If one gets "strictly traditional" in their approach to food, this is the way prescribed in the Bible [Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 29] before Adam and Eve were kicked out of the "Garden of Eden". This correlates with being "tempted by a serpent"... [Every snake I ever heard of eats other animals, that I have found to be the "forbidden fruit" they have talked about]

When following this path it is not guaranteed you will live longer. However, the "quality" of life, and your "body fragrance" becomes much fresher. One takes on a more youthful demeanor, excess pounds just start disappearing, and many times what mainstream calls "miracles of healing" are achieved, often times very quickly.

The crud you see coming out of your body might be somewhat scary, and it is not uncommon to experience some nausea during a period of detoxification, that sometimes takes weeks. A lifetime of habits and accumulated "junk" in your system has to be cleaned out, and it's like an attic filled to the brim... Be patient with yourself, and gradually "adapt" to the program. Going 100% all at once can cause great results, but the Liver and Kidneys can only flush out so many poisons at once, so be careful.

Fasting is great, yet often times very severe when cleansing the body. Purified or spring water fasting will clean it out fast, but I do not recommend it beyond 3 - 5 days. Otherwise you might become too weak, unless you have already been eating raw vegan for a few weeks. For more information regarding healing diabetes with the great effects of fasting, go to: .

What about protein? Nuts, seeds, grains, mushrooms [avoid the standard whites - Portobello and Shitake mushrooms are much better], avocados, papayas [sparingly, as they are naturally sweet], etc. are all very good sources of protein.

If one insists on cooking, the healing process is not as quick, but beans and rice combine to make a good protein source. Just eat a green salad first, with lettuce or other raw greens to create proper enzyme balance in the stomach, or these foods can cause "acid stomach", that can result in a severe reaction.

One of the best traditional combos for a complete protein is Avocado and corn. In traditional Mexican, "chips and guacamole" is a standard, but I find chips extremely greasy. With diabetic condition chips are probably best avoided. Avocado can be mixed with fresh sweet corn and tastes great with the proper condiments added, just like guacamole. Once again, moderation is a key, as corn can raise blood sugar.

Corn is high in natural sweet, yet when balanced with other foods is much preferable to wheat. Just make sure it is non GMO [genetically modified] and organic if possible. Some people think we are better off without carbohydrates associated with grains, yet I feel balance utilizing a broad spectrum diet [one rich in variety] is preferable to eating the same things every day. Other essential grains are millet, quinoa, rice, etc. Once again, be careful here, as grains can cause blood sugar to rise, yet not nearly as much as the refined sugars.

This program is a stretch for most people, as they have never been taught the truth of these words. Feel free to write anytime if you want specifics. The bottom line is to see you back on your feet with balanced blood sugar, and functioning normal. It is many times easy to just give up and die, seeing yourself deteriorate more as the days go by, but the will to survive and enjoy it will sometimes carry us through.

I have heard Native Elders tell me they tried vegetarianism, liked it, but the "peer pressures of family" make it almost impossible to maintain {"Here, eat!} when it is considered a disgrace to turn down a gift like venison or beef stew or white bread. To me, that is just an excuse when one could just as easily say "Thank you, but I am allergic to those foods", especially the sweets, and just nibble on other items known to sustain us.

Most kitchens have something good, but sometimes you have to look close, since most everything from groceries are "processed food" with much of the "life force" missing already.

Fresh produce is a step in the right direction, and it will be a better World when the public starts mandating "organic only"... both for the environment and our bodies.

More later...