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Excitotoxins are a Danger to Life

By Margaret Gillespie and Dennis Knicely

Posted June 16, 2009, Updated June, 2010

Basically excitotoxins are substances that cause brain neurons to become excited, firing impulses so rapidly they cause brain cells to die, sometimes very quickly.

Dr. Russell Blaylock wants us all to know, in his latest interview with Suzanne Somers’ New York Best Seller book, Breakthrough, that excitotoxins do not cause an allergic reaction. So what are excitotoxins and what results in the human body from their use?

According to the science community, an excitotoxin stimulates the neurons in the brain to excitement then these neurons die off. Not one individual is excluded from the harmful effects of these additives found in our food sources.

Having read a lot of Dr. Blaylock’s work, I am grateful for his commitment to the World community. He explains why many feel depressed, suffer from memory loss, or experience muscle aches. No doubt about it, the host of illnesses that are created by these harmful ingredients or an existing medical condition, will only exacerbate their illness. The financial bottom line is something we all cannot afford.

Aspartame, also known as Nutrasweet, as well as refined Monosodium Glutamate [MSG] are the most common excitotoxins used. However, did you know that there are alternate names to these ingredients? Good reading regarding these is a detailed list found at: . This site is great at keeping up with all of the alternate names of excitotoxins while continuously campaigning for truth in labeling on food manufacture’s packages. “Natural ingredients” is just one misleading example. The best way to protect one’s health is to ask the manufacturer directly if it is in fact an excitotoxin. There are other “clean” food makers that use this “natural ingredients” listing too, and unfortunately they end up getting a bad rap sometimes, because of those that do add excitotoxins, due to being allowed use of this label from the FDA.

Acknowledgements: Breakthrough, Eight Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers. Please check out Dr. Blaylock’s weekly health letters at: Both are filled with pro-active wellness tips. Be well.

This article will include much more within next few weeks, so come back for update.

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