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The Healing News Network

Traditional HealingAncient Healing Remedies Reintroduced

Learn how Ancient Native Americans survived with others and we can regain our health.

By Dr. Dennis Paul Knicely - Originally published for the Mailbu Raw Dinner Club in 2002 and Latest update: April 28, 2010.

Table of Contents

Drugs, Health, and Life Expectancy
Testimonials for Staying Healthy
Favored Roots and Wild Edibles

Heirloom Seeds
Effect of Modern Medicine on American Indians
Causes of numerous common illnesses
White Sugar truths and viable alternatives
Alcoholism and Diabetes
Domestic Meats
Allergies from Cow’s Milk and other effects
Cheese and fatty foods
White Flour and modern traditional ways
What happened to American Indian culture?
Eggs and their effects on humans
Great alternative to eggs
Flu often results from chicken and turkey
Pharmaceutical drugs and good alternatives
Why we need organic foods to survive
Tobacco and how Native American Indians use it
Pesticides, poisons, and the Environment
Genetic Modification

Be brave and speak out about our trees and health
Renewing natural traditional ways
Factory farming and its effects on our lives
The ways of our Traditional People
How many early American people lived
Prophecy warns of the coming beasts and their effects
Parting Words

Note: This discourse is dedicated to All People, of All Nations, and especially the ones that have taught me traditional ways. All the books in all the Universities combined could NEVER adequately explain.

From all the research I have done related to Early American Ancestors, there has been a common thread of consciousness that leads around the World. Much can to be learned from the Ancients, yet very little still exists of the timeless wisdom shared though the ages. Ways sometimes pass on when people do. Much can be learned from the "way it was".

In this lifetime, I was instructed to look more to the Spiritual insight with Full Spectrum Awareness from all dimensions. Many are ‘locked in’ this way or that. The idea is to clear the blockages so the respiratory, circulatory, nervous and Soul Spirit entities can “totally lock in” and have a real life!

When I dug up the facts, "Spirit Guides" told me the more natural it can grow, the better it is for the body and regeneration. It’s all these contaminated junk foods, domesticated animal products consumed, chemicals, and drugs that people use clogging many human systems, often leading to serious health issues, including severe obesity.

Drugs Health and Life Expectancy

A healthy 92 year-old descended from American indigenous people that hardly ever got sick told me he doesn't even use aspirin, let alone all the rest of the prescriptions "they" recommend. I asked him about one of America's greatest heros, Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman, and he replied: "That was one of the highlights of my childhood, finding apples from a tree planted by Johnny himself! Those apple trees came back wild, and still grow along some rivers." An apple a day...

Testimonials for Staying Healthy

Sedona, AZ's Iris Clark, a 100+ year-old "part Cherokee" woman, still working her garden, had hardly any senility or memory loss. She told me her key to health was a [mostly] vegetarian diet. She had outlived 5 husbands, and was ready for another one, hopefully younger!

A Choctaw researcher concurred that many among her people preferred to avoid animal foods unless necessary for survival. The ancient standard was to avoid harming innocent creatures unless necessary for survival.

Favored Roots and Wild Edibles

My Father's Father descended [both parents] from an Ancient American Clan called "Tuckahoe" by Cherokee, the earliest English, as well as other Tribes and Nations they had relations with. English translations reveal little about these people and their relationship with roots and other edibles.

In 1608 John Smith of Jamestown, VA was sent by Powhatan to these people so English would not starve. They worked the earth, and knew it well. Descendents of these people taught the earliest Europeans how to survive on these shores. Many were nomadic, with gardens stretched all the way from Florida to the New England coastal regions.

Tuckahoe areas were gorgeous, where root foods and the most sought mushrooms grew, surrounded by lush vegetation and luxurious trees. Sassafras was one of my favorites that was "passed down", one time digging those roots after leaves were fallen, and accidentally got a poison ivy root, a mistake I will never forget...

American Indian HealingSince being old enough to hold up a "hoe" I was digging for edible roots, wild ginseng, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, mushrooms, etc. These used to be found in the wild with the right guides, until most are now domestically cultivated. Many survived well through winters by keeping these tubers fresh and alive in root cellars, sun dried to preserve them, or simply left in the ground when they could survive a cold winter.

Many indigenous wild edibles are either extinct or close to it from too much harvesting. Of the plants found marketed, most have been affected by a process called "Hybridization", where breeds are crossed, then seeds are sold for commercial purposes, sometimes making huge profits.

Heirloom Seeds

The ancient process of "Heirloom" has been found to be very beneficial by preserving seed lines, sometimes passed down since ancient times.

A classic example are Anasazi Beans, from a now extinct people, that were found, grown, and can now be purchased here in the Southwest. They are much tasiier and nutritious than your standard Pinto Beans, yet definitely related.

Modern Native American Indian People continue to save heirlooms in special seed banks, yet more needs to be done to preserve this tradition. One of the greatest treasures in this movement was the late Richard "Deer Track" Romero, formerly of Taos Pueblo, NM. His tremendous effort in helping set up seed banks of Ancient Heirlooms and other efforts to help people "remember the soil" will never be forgotten.

Effect of Modern Medicine on American Indians

Most modern MDs really do not have much training in nutrition, as it is not taught adequately in most school systems. Out of app. 10 years of college / university training and pre med, MDs are given very little information related to diet unless consulting with Natural Practitioners. They are just told the nutritional benefits of food, and [mostly] not the detrimental qualities associated with food groups. Most doctors are taught to administer pharmaceutical drugs, sometimes not getting rid of the illness - they simply relieve the symptoms. Disease remains "hidden in the system" until the next outbreak.

One time a Navajo / Dine' friend was very concerned about his relative, after being admitted to a hospital for "cancer". My friend heard many have reversed what MDs often diagnose as "terminal illness", by simply eating uncontaminated [organic] raw foods from non-animal sources, and asked me to talk to his friend. This "victim" had been leading a relatively normal life, and was not very sick when admitted.

I had been running a special education program in Santa Monica, CA, sharing with others the countless testimonials leading to saved lives and pocketbooks from this "natural discipline" of vegan/raw foods, and utilizing holistic healing and herbal ways. I was not "treating people" for disease, simply being truthful.

We got to the hospital after they had started their "chemotherapy / radiation mandate". There were warning signs all over in this ward about the deadly "nuclear radiation" being administered. This was a "leading cancer research facility". Since the "victim" was a "registered Indian", the U.S. Government was paying for this procedure.

It appalled me, and really hurt my feelings deep, to see the severe pain and nausea this American Indian man was going through from "chemotherapy", that simply poisons the body beyond what I believe is acceptable.

With the "radiation treatment" [nuclear, that is] going on, we were cautioned not to touch "anything" while we were visiting with this "victim". He was off to the "happy hunting grounds" within days. If I were to have properly diagnosed this treatment, I would call it "death by legal injection".

My Navajo / Dine' friend was also extremely "spooked" from this, as his "diagnosis" was a similar cancer. He adopted the vegan / raw diet, supplementing it with his traditional ways of eating, and still lives to this day, over a decade later. All pharmaceutical drugs have been avoided by this man, as well as the chemo and surgery that was recommended. He now treats me like a "brother", and feels the food I shared helped change and save his life. As a resident of California he is eligible for a prescription to the Sacred Herb Cannabis that helps him deal with his health issues and still alive 15 years later.

The truth - it is "SAD ways" [standard American diet] that contributes to a "slow death" for many people, with the junk foods and other contaminated "standards" that have destroyed much of the Ancient Cultural values.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Where did I hear that?

Causes of numerous common illnesses

We have found in our research that one of the main causes of numerous ailments, or what exacerbates them, are allergic reactions to the "5 white poisons". A majority of people consume these: white sugar, white flour, white milk, white eggs, and refined white salt. What do you have when you mix the 5? A "cookie, cake, or common pastry".

As soon as people give up the causes of illnesses, in many cases disease will disappear.

White Sugar truths and viable alternatives

White sugar is ordinarily not a "lethal poison" that you die from immediately. It can often lead to severe reactions though, at times resulting in death. More problems with "mood swings" are associated with Halloween than any other time. What do many kids overeat on Halloween? Sugar candies. What is the leading cause of diabetes? Sugar. What causes hypoglycemia? Sugar. What can drastically improve your life? Eliminate white sugar and products that include it. It is not easy to give up sugar addiction, and in many cases people find it harder to quit than heroin, other dangerous drugs, or alcohol, simply because it's totally legal.

Refined cane or beet sugar breaks down quickly in the stomach, making its way into the blood stream quite quickly. Honey is less severe, yet will also significantly raise blood sugar. The more complex the molecule is, the slower it will break down, eliminating the quick rise in blood sugar. Although still severe, corn syrup breaks down a little slower.

Maple and agave syrups, though very sweet, are very popular ways to sweeten, and have a more complex sugar that will not raise sugar levels as quickly as the white sugars. Maple was the preferred sweet of many North Eastern Indians since ancient times. Dates are even less severe, as well as the more preferable other fruit sources. Apples are a very balanced fruit sugar source, and generally do not raise or lower blood sugar significantly.

Although more expensive, the more naturally occurring complex sugars do not result in near as many problems associated with the refined white sugars. Molasses is much less refined, more complex, and actually has nutritional value. Added costs of better sources also encourage people to cut down on use of too many sweets.

Alcoholism and Diabetes

I once had an Indian Elder / friend, a Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian, suffering from diabetes as a result of problems with Alcoholism. He admitted himself to the local "Indian Hospital", funded by the United States Government. They told him he needed surgery, and cut off one of his toes, after "gangrene" had set in.

Dr. Jay Victor Scherer was Santa Fe, NM's premier local "Natural Doctor" and noted Dr. of Nutritional Therapy, Drugless Dr., Homeopathic Dr., Naturopathic Dr., Herbal Dr., Osteopath, PhD., Dr. of Divinity, etc. etc... I apprenticed with Dr. Scherer for 10 years. He started the earliest Academy of Natural Healing there, and was a leading researcher in all natural therapies - until his death [late 1980's] - Not from health, but from an Automobile accident.

When consulting with Dr. Scherer about my Santo Domingo friend [Tommy] with diabetes, he suggested this was an easy disease to treat, and is actually caused from parasites attacking the human system. To really get well one would have to stop drinking alcohol.

Dr. Scherer went on to explain that diabetes could easily be treated and reversed with a natural herbal remedy that he would be glad to make up for Tommy, but that he would to be charged $25, as government did not reimburse him for treating Indians, like the "Indian Hospital". When telling this to my friend, Tommy said "Why should I pay Dr. Scherer when treatment at the Indian Hospital is free?" I replied, "Because it works, without subjecting your body to all the surgeries and drugs that make you sicker and them richer".

Tommy's health kept deteriorating from trusting the "White Man Doctors", paid by the U.S. Government to legally "butcher" Indian people and administer dangerous drugs. Eventually, after numerous surgeries, they had cut off toes, then his feet, then his legs, one of his arms, administered dialysis, constant suffering and pain, until he was finally "released" from his Earthly body to the "Happy Hunting Grounds". I helped him any way I could, prayed for his health, even cleaning up his poop when he could not control himself. ...but he was stubborn - Great Spirit Bless him on his way. He was one of my greatest teachers of traditional Indian Ways.

Domestic Meats

A Jicorilla Apache Grandfather told me it was domestic meats from grocery stores that was killing him. "When I was able to get out and find wild game, that meat nourished my body and soul". He passed away a few weeks later after consuming contaminated chicken.

Another favored Elder from the Arapaho Nation: "I tried being vegetarian, and actually succeeded for three months. It was great for me, and I felt great. Yet when I go back with my family, they say 'Here, eat this'. How can I say no to my own flesh and blood?" Obesity with strokes, and we finally wished him along his way.

Allergies from Cow’s Milk and other effects

Cow’s milk causes allergies in humans, period, period, period. Coughing, excess mucous, runny nose, clogged arteries, etc. are the side effects. They all contribute to limited oxygen reaching the brain, sometimes causing certain synapses to not operate properly. There have been more health problems associated with milk than lean meats.

Many vegetarians "think" they are eating healthy, yet still have health issues from milk products, not even realizing it. Cow's milk was never intended for humans - it was intended for baby cows.

The ethnic group challenged the most with allergic reaction to milk products is those with African - American backgrounds. Native American Indian people commonly have related allergies. European descended folks do better, as their climate was often colder, and their bodies have metabolized for eliminating fat faster to keep warm, but still often have side effects [excess mucous, runny nose, etc.].

Cheese and fatty foods

Cheese has been isolated as one of the major causes of headaches. In many cases, it is associated with limited blood flow, nutrient, and signals do not properly reach the brain after consumption. Cheese can coagulate at body temperature, and melts only when heated up. When hitting the blood stream it only makes sense this can lead to many challenging situations. Look what happens in pots, pans, or kitchen drains when trying to clean after cooking with fatty meats or cheese, you can understand what happens to arteries and veins after consuming these food products.

One time I was privy to seeing a test "before and after" eating a cheese burger. Before eating it, the subject was given a blood test, the tube used containing app. 2 1/2 inches of red blood. Around 1/2 hour AFTER eating the cheese burger, the person shared another blood sample, and the tube had app. 2 1/2 inches of red blood plus around 1/2 inch of white puss on top of the blood. This "white puss" hits the blood stream when consuming fatty, greasy foods, often leading to many health issues, from clogged arteries or veins to tumors, fibroids, and cysts. Wild animals that our Ancients consumed at times had very little of this dangerous fat to contend with.

A Natural Doctor once told me humans would probably be stunned to see all the living "creepy crawlers" that exist in most cheeses, some very macabre looking, when checking it with a microscope. These cheese parasites often lead to health problems in humans when consumed, especially raw.

Sometimes tumors will begin because the body lacks a way to eliminate waste products completely, that have hit the blood stream after eating contaminated foods. Our liver / bile ducts and kidneys can only eliminate so much contamination without clogging up, later leading to numerous ailments, including cancer.

White Flour and modern traditional ways

White flour is a chemical derivative made from wheat. The nutritional value in whole wheat has been mostly extracted, and in "fortified wheat", chemical supplements are replaced. It is not a natural food.

Wheat is a binder, sometimes "balling up" in the intestines and clogging them, once again often causing severe reactions. Flour both "fills us up" and often "fills us out" [major cause of obesity]. Words associated with wheat: pasta [paste-glue] & gluten [glue]. When mixed with sweets or fruits, wheat can also start fermentation in our bodies, leading to excess gasses that can pass through linings of the intestines, later coagulating as fat. This condition also contributes to yeast infections, including candida.

What happened to American Indian culture?

After being conquered by the "White man" many Native American People in Western Tribes / Nations had little to eat but Government issued white flour, sugar, milk products, etc., along with a few animals they were able use. Since a large number of American Indian people have made a "tradition" of consuming fry bread and other fat rich foods, many are now faced with severe obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Eggs and their effects on humans

Eggs are also a binder, and although there is nutritional value in eggs, they are a major contributor to many common illnesses, including excess mucous, high cholesterol and flu breakouts. Eggs were never originally intended for human consumption, yet many animals and people have stolen eggs from birds for consumption since ancient times.

Vaccine for the "Avian Flu" is made from subjecting chicken eggs to the live virus, then passing a mild case of influenza to humans, hoping they will become immune by inoculation.

Great alternative to eggs

We have found replacing eggs with ground flax seed gives people essential nutrients without the detrimental qualities associated with eggs. In "the old days" a popular "snake oil remedy" was simply linseed oil, purchased at hardware stores by the gallon, and sold to the public in smaller bottles, with the price marked up. Linseed is another name for flax, a very healthy food.

When using the whole raw flax seed, it is necessary to break it down, so it will digest properly. This can be done with a regular coffee grinder. Adding a tablespoon or so of ground flax to a little water will often replace the effects of an egg when baking or preparing food.

Flu often results from chicken and turkey

A major cause of the disease known as Avian influenza is medically researched to result from contact with contaminated "birds of fowl" [chicken, turkey, duck], and not preparing them properly. This disease is also known as the "fowl plague". What is the most common illness after Thanksgiving and Christmas? The Flu. What do people eat the most of [other than chicken or turkey]? Lots of sugar laced sweets. From my nutritional research, I would consider the "chicken soup" remedy an equivalent of "feeding fire to the flames" if you're trying to recover from the flu. It might relieve severe symptom but does not help one recover from the illness.

In 1980 I had my "last meal" with an adopted Jicorilla Apache Grandfather. I had cut some firewood for his family, and he insisted I share food with him as a "Thank You". Chicken is all they had to serve besides "Indian Bread" made from white flour, milk, and lard. He died a few weeks later.

Two days later I did a special ceremony with another Tribe, and what they had to serve was "3 day old Turkey" from the previous Thanksgiving, with white bread and milk gravy. I ate some, and came down with a severe case of the flu. They told me, "Don't worry - everybody is getting it." That is the last time I have eaten chicken or turkey, and that is the last time I ever had a severe case of the flu.

Pharmaceutical drugs and good alternatives

Most pharmaceutical drugs simply relieve the symptoms of diseases, yet often lead to numerous adverse side effects. Using drugs does not always get rid of illness or the causes of it.

Our Ancient Medicine People and "Curanderos" passed to us the use of many herbs and other natural means to get well. Drugs are simply chemical derivatives, made for profit, when patents cannot be attained for the more natural "non chemical" remedies.

Why we need organic foods to survive

Healthy, organic food is sometimes very expensive, unless growing your own. Most government "handouts" of food to the underprivileged are laced with toxins and poisons associated with disease and dementia. The next on their list of "handouts" are dangerous drugs.

Organic farmers, in my opinion, are the real doctors in society. MDs on the other hand are mostly overpaid, and do not always get rid of illness, since most simply "administer drugs, cut it out, poison it, and make sure you have the money to pay for it".

 A large number of doctors are now advocating natural remedies, and hopefully this number will increase.

Our forefathers and mothers were often farmers, mostly living on naturally grown foods and/or wild ones. When the Europeans with their "superior?" ways to our medicine men and farmers came along, they took our farmlands, along with the natural forests where we could gather herbal remedies and other foods. What is now left of many missing forests and fields are the results of contaminated "Agribusiness". The soil is "caked" with poison pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, overuse, etc.

Tobacco and how Native American Indians use it

I met a 95-year old healthy man smoking cigarettes or pipe every day, and told me it was the “chemicals” mixed in tobacco that was killing people, and not the pure leaf. I am not saying it is safe to smoke tobacco casually, as most agree what nicotine and smoke can do to our bodies when subjected in our lungs. Used in Ceremony, many do not inhale tobacco smoke, as we share that "pleasure" with Spirit, offering a prayer.

The SAD truth: Most commercial tobacco is heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides at times when it is grown, and of course other "treatments" are made during storage, rolling, packaging and distribution. American Spirit Organic tobacco is most likely one of the cleanest sources right now. Avoid most commercial rolling papers when possible. Thin rice or hemp papers are safer and more natural.

Pesticides, poisons, and the Environment

Birds are poisoned by the pesticide infected insects and the few worms still living are subjected to chemically contaminated soil. We had a severely ill hawk in a Malibu canyon a few years back, from eating a poisoned rat! Another died and just dropped out of the sky. It is safer to "trap" rats and mice [as inhumane as it is] than to poison them, as this can lead to health problems with birds and wildlife.

There are numerous ways now in common use that can eliminate insect problems without poison. Natural soaps often keep insects off our bodies and plants without hurting us. Use common sense, and always protect our natural environment, or what's left of it.

"Chemical infestation" from decades of abuse from the "cut, slash and burn" mentality of many MDs and others have made the World a very dangerous place. It is up to us to "turn that around", and realize that many illnesses are reversible by just eating uncontaminated healthy food, thank you.

There are much more sane ways to treat our environment than poisoning everything, and still figure we are immune. Poison is poison. When a package says it is poison, then believe them. This is life threatening substance and can cause numerous diseases, up through and including cancer.

When you are around areas where poisons, pesticides and chemicals are stored, be extremely careful what you are breathing, and what you are touching. One can get severely ill from ingesting just a very small amount of white powders if not careful, or do not know what it is. Be aware of this at all times.

Remember: Poisons and pathogens are how many Ancient American Indians "met their maker". One example: blankets were passed out infected with small pox at a "treaty conference". The difference with today's society - "The Man" is less subtle. Poison is everywhere, and fresh water is hard to find, unless it is bottled, and that is not fresh, as plastic leaks into the water from the bottle.

Our bodies metabolize to toxins when we are around them all the time. Yet this does not make them healthy, and environmental toxins definitely affect all of us, as they are almost everywhere. Even the Arctic and Antarctic are melting from continued buildup of "greenhouse gases". No one knows yet how the long term effect of this will totally affect human life on Earth. We know there will be more changes, though, and we as humans have to change if we are to collectively survive.

Genetic Modification

Another major problem that needs "fixed" is the proliferation of genetically modified seeds. These seeds are the result of poison being fused into the DNA of the seed, so the the plant will withstand effects of "Round Up" [Monsanto product] and other pesticides / herbicides, that kill everything else... except [hopefully] us humans.

Be brave and speak out about our trees and health

It takes courage to speak the truth, when many much older "tree relatives" are taken down by greedy developers and others looking for a "fast buck". Even American Indian people often forget, or are never taught the "ways of our Ancestors".

In Santa Fe, NM, Indian people controlling a huge plot of land along a major street, authorized cutting out a HUGE grove of big, beautiful trees, where the "Indian School" used to be. Now, many wonder why "Great Spirit" blessed the area with a "major drought"... hm...

The few that are left of giant "tree groves" that existed before modern commercialism, some dating back hundreds of years, can never be replaced after giving us so much needed oxygen, while sheltering the ground, building up top soil, and helping convert an over abundance of carbon dioxide / monoxide leading to Global warming, from burning too many fossil fuels.

Renewing natural traditional ways

This approach to an Ancient Healing Arts was around long before MDs started practicing medicine while bull dozers destroyed so much natural habitation. It might take a little "reeducation" and "cold turkey" [withdrawal, pun intended] though to get the point.

My Ancient American ancestors, the Eastern Woodland People now known as Lenape / Piscataway / Conestogoe / Mohican / Haudenosaunee, etc. learned how to survive through tolerance and honoring all life. An animal or human is only killed when necessary for survival. A prayer for its life is supposed to be asked first.

The preferred animal foods of our Ancients were deer or the "winged ones" called passenger pigeon, now extinct. Sea foods from the streams, lakes, bays, and oceans were not contaminated like they are now. Even surviving wild animals are presently sick and toxic from drinking polluted water or consuming contaminated plant life. Cows, pigs, & chickens have been poisoned with hormones and genetically altered so they have little similarity to their ancient relatives.

The safest alternative we have is to avoid conatminated animal products in our diets, and eat more fresh, organic produce, nuts, seeds, legumes, mushrooms, etc.

Factory farming and its effects on our lives

Until recent years when made illegal, many livestock were subjected to cannibalism, forced to eat their own kind. Cows are now often given "rendered animal" mixed with their feed, when they were designed to be "herbivore". As a result, a serious illness known as "Mad Cow Disease" started showing up in humans, a really serious, deadly illness that kills both cows and humans. There is no known cure once one is infected, with most dying within a year of outward symptoms. It results from eating contaminated beef.

This also has happened to "factory farmed deer", fattened so hunters can pay a lot of money to kill them, leading to many deer sick with "mad cow disease".

The way slaughterhouses and factory farms are run is the worst kind of slavery. It needs to be stopped if we are to regain our Ancient legacy of respect for all life.

The ways of our Traditional People

Animals were traditionally allowed to roam free. Many American Indian people are now naturally grazing their own Buffalo as a "meat of choice", much safer than the grocery store meats available.

Ancient Native Americans taught early Europeans on this soil how to survive by growing corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, seeds, leafy vegetables, nuts, fruit, mushrooms, as well as eating roots and wild edibles. Many of these foods were introduced by American Indians to other cultures, and now consumed around the World. Breads were often made from a mixture of nuts, seeds, roots, etc.

South American Indians passed to us the cacao, a very nutritious source of nutrient when eaten raw, yet now often contaminated with milk and sugar. Pacific Islanders have passed to us the use of Noni, another very nutritious and medicinal food, very good for the reversal of tumors.

According to my Grandfather [word of mouth transmission] every few years our Ancient Ancestors would migrate and farm in a different area. This way the soil would not wear out, but rest and recover in the fallow state for years before coming back to use it again.

Since surrounding forests were lush and green, the Native people would later start a fire, to clear these fallow fields for the next planting. In those days, a little smoke from clearing the garden areas was never a big issue, because there were no factories or highways polluting our air.

The much later English and other Europeans did not understand this, and stole the land, since no one was around to "claim it". Many of those Europeans saw the huge, beautiful forests that existed, providing our ancients with much needed nourishment. These "foreigners" thought this was a disgrace, as what good was this land unless it was cleared? This led to huge clearing out of Ancient Forests that supplied us with so much life.

How many early American people lived

Early homesteads were commonly palisade villages among North Eastern Tribes / Nations, with homes made of logs, branches, stems, bark, leaves, skins, etc. They would naturally bio degrade, not like the modern concrete, steel, and plastics in general use. Canoes were the preferred transportation when living near streams, before the Conestoga wagons came along with trails that were widened into roads. There was some metal, but most kitchen utensils in ancient times were gourds or earthen pottery. Plastic and automobiles were unheard of.

Prophecy warns of the coming beasts and their effects

Earlier ancestors of the Kiowa / Comanche Indians in Oklahoma and the South West shared a prophecy, warning of "metal monsters" that would "gobble up" their people and take off, never to be seen again. Look at what cars, trucks and trains have caused.

Modern roads and airports have speeded up our lives and the disintegration of cultures as well as natural resources... but I'm sure glad the farmers can make it to market, as most modern children and adults do not even take time to grow their own gardens, like our Ancients taught us.

An American Indian "brother" [adopted] from Taos Pueblo told me "now" things are better than they "used to be", when horses could only plow small amounts of land at once, mandating rising early to feed them, take them to the fields, plow, come home, bed them down for the night, and eat dinner before bed, just to get back up and start over, taking weeks of hard work just to get fields ready for planting. He said "Now are the good old days", with tractors to plow, taking hours instead of weeks, cars / trucks for transport, and plenty of time to watch TV before bed. He died at a young age from obesity and lack of exercise.

Maybe the Amish, many descended from Ancient Native American mixed with the Europeans, know something most have forgotten. They prefer horse & buggy to cars, but lately use taxi, trains, and other public transportation to get places. They also avoid TV and other modern appliances, yet know well how to take care of their own.

I like modern bicycles because they help keep one in shape while getting approximately 150 miles to the gallon of water or juice, while avoiding a limited resource called petroleum. Also you get a panorama of views, enjoying so much of life that is missed while sitting in cars driving.

Parting Words

My last suggestions - In these modern times, going to work or for extended travel, use public transportation and ecologically sound means when possible. Car-pool or share a ride when you can. Support clean energy sources, so we can conserve what's left of our fossil fuels, while avoiding unnecessary drilling.

Above all, get in touch with your surrounding soil, and learn to grow your own food. That way your own consciousness gives that food an extra burst of life energy.

Be conscious while consuming your foods, and always thank those that have made our lives possible. Stay healthy by eating correctly while we live on the belly of our Sacred Mother, the Earth... And lastly, let's help heal our Earth Mother of Mothers, and thank Her along with the Great Spirit, "Father Creator / God" for sustaining a great privilege called life.

Dennis Three Eagles Knicely, Editor / Publisher of the Healing News Network

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