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From the album:  life by Dustin Brown

Collective ConsciousnessA Great Healing Force & one of the least understood potential healing and health ways

RethinkiGirl with dolphin  by ng the Way We Eat and Live / Dr. Dennis Knicely / June 3, 2010 / HealingNews / For too long humans have taken life for granted without realizing how we affect everything else. All life is Sacred, period. Read more...

Peace & Harmony ( Lion and The Lamb ) by Nancy GlazierFinding peace and harmony
studying and sometimes practicing aspects of all religions while associating and making friends with their followers, we can in fact open our minds to a whole new level of understanding, often enriching the ways we were born and trained to believe. Read more...

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Ancient Healing Remedies Reintroduced Learn how many Ancient Native Americans survived and we can regain our health. Read more... is the Healing News Network, a World Leading online journal regarding natural healing, and alternative modalities to effect long term health benefits. We will also report shenanigans, hidden agendas that affect our well being.

Archive Postings - December, 2012

It’s that time of year when we look back at the past year and come up with a plan to make the New Year even better.10 Green New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 | December 28, 2012 | Greer D. Hospedales, One Green Planet | Resolutions are usually full of more hope than reason. It is my view that the more doable, attainable and inspirational the resolution, the more achievable it is. This way we accomplish something instead of nothing and are better off for it. Read more...

The holiday season in general -- and New Year's Eve in particular -- is rife with opportunities to drink alcohol -- and to overdo it.The Effects Of Alcohol In The Body (INFOGRAPHIC) | 12/28/2012 | ...alcohol, even in the smallest doses, affects nearly every system in the body, from the brain to circulation to immunity. And while at low to moderate doses, alcohol does seem to provide certain health benefits -- including a longer life and a healthier heart -- at higher doses, drinking carries with it the risk for long-term effects and permanent damage. Read more...

by guest blogger Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc, integrative medicine pioneerMusic and Healing: Bringing Light out of the Darkness | Maria Rodale | 12/27/2012 | HuffingtonPost | Music and sound are actually the world's first medicines, used by shamanic healers to cure illness and regain one's spirit. The effects are instant and tangible, with the power to reveal realms in our consciousness we may not have known existed. That's because rhythm and harmony are more than musical elements--they are the energetic foundation of life, nature, our universe. Their vibrations can expand the heart, transform the mind, and heal. Read more...

The FDA says it has not approved batches of Botox shipped by suppliers owned by Canada Drugs and it cannot assure their effectiveness or their safety.FDA warns medical practices about Botox from Canadian supplier | Associated Press | December 25, 2012 | The Food and Drug Administration said in a letter to the medical practices — nearly 20 of which are in the Los Angeles area — that batches of the wrinkle treatment shipped by suppliers owned by pharmacy Canada Drugs have not been approved by the FDA and that the agency cannot assure their effectiveness or their safety. Read more...

When kids get bullied for health problems: advice for parents | Deborah Kotz, Globe Globe | 12/26/2012 | Of course, bullies need no reason at all to pick on a weaker child, but a new study published in the journal Pediatrics finds that the prevalence is particularly high in kids who have food allergies and that nearly a third of them are teased and taunted for their allergies sometimes having offending foods thrown at them. Read more...

The first specimen of Paranthropus boisei, also called Nutcracker Man, was reported by Mary and Louis Leakey in 1959 from a site in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. CREDIT: Nicolle Rager Fuller, National Science Foundation.Erratic Environment May Be Key to Human Evolution | Charles Choi, LiveScience | 25 December 2012 | "I was surprised by the magnitude of changes and the rapid pace of the changes we found," Freeman told LiveScience. "There was a complete restructuring of the ecosystem from grassland to forest and back again, at least based on how we interpret the data. I've worked on carbon isotopes my whole career, and I've never seen anything like this before." Read more...

The Marijuana-Psychosis Connection Goes Both Ways In Teens | Alice G. Walton | FORBESWOMAN | 12/26/2012 | ...authors say that a person with psychotic symptoms might use marijuana to “improve their mood or to control one’s feelings, boredom, social motives, improving sleep, anxiety and agitation.” Of course, they do add that these individuals might just smoke pot for the same reasons that “normal” people do – “‘to get high’, relax and have fun.” On the flipside, pot smoking could also damage the developing brain, since the teen-age is a “particularly vulnerable period for the effects of cannabis.” Read more...

EDITOR'S COMMENT: As previous article states, marijuana has a "feel good" effect for many. Yet I have to agree that its use in teens can and often does impede abilities to study and succeed during development years. An Ancient American Tribe [confidential please] would use this "special plant" once a year for ceremony, and younger members would wait until "adulthood" to partake in this ceremony. This way it gave children a better chance at development, so they could know the difference, then it was put down by everyone until the next year's ceremony. This way cannabis was considered with reverence and respect, not just as a drug to be used and abused.

The United States is in the midst of an obesity epidemic, with more than 35 percent of adults and almost 20 percent of children considered obese.Childhood obesity rates fall slightly, say CDC researchers | RYAN JASLOW / CBS NEWS | December 26, 2012 | "Obesity and extreme obesity during early childhood are likely to continue into adulthood," writes study author Dr. Liping Pan, a researcher at the CDC. "Understanding trends in extreme obesity is important because the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors increases with severity of childhood obesity." Read more...

DECEMBER 25, 2012
Christmas Tree

My wish is for all to have a wonderful experience on this special day of celebration, gift, and food sharing. This goes beyond the Christian traditional values, a day of remebrance, embracing family / friends, and simply saying "Thank You" to all those making this day special by honoring the re-emergence / ressurection of the Sun giving us life from its lowest ebb. Merry Christmas on this day honoring the "Birth of the Christ" that is united with ALL our hearts and souls!!!

Former Cocoa, Fla., mayor Mike Blake, dressed up as Santa, poses for a picture with Raymond McCoy, 4, and Jewel Collins as Mrs. Claus.(Photo: Rik Jesse, Florida Today)Through the decades, constants of Christmas are clear Regardless of age, holiday is a special time of year for families. | December 25, 2012 | USAToday | They've faced war. The Great Depression. Horrifying national tragedies. Yet no matter their differences, they agree: Christmas is, indeed, a healing season — one of wonder and often, badly needed hope. Read more...

Edwarda and Colleen visit with Santa Claus. It was during Christmas break in 1969 that Edwarda fell into a coma.Comatose since Christmas 1969: A tale of unconditional love and miracles | Wayne Drash, CNN | December 24, 2012 | Thousands of people -- from Japan to Australia, from Italy to Canada -- took the pilgrimage to the O'Bara home, inspired by the devotion of her mother. They were drawn too because they believed Edwarda had miracle healing powers: A woman with an inoperable brain tumor was cancer-free months after she touched Edwarda. Two girls with cystic fibrosis were apparently healed in the months after visiting her room. Even skeptics said they felt a strange aura when they walked into the North Miami home. Read more...

Applying the laws of physics to the process of wound healing explains why body tissue heals so slowly, say researchersEnergy Conservation and the Puzzle of the Body’s Healing Rate | December 20, 2012 | MIT Technology Review | Applying the laws of physics to the process of wound healing explains why body tissue heals so slowly, say researchers Read more...

Cannabis can offer pain relief to some peopleCannabis can make patients 'less bothered by pain' | 21 December 2012 | BBC | Cannabis makes pain more bearable rather than actually reducing it, a study from the University of Oxford suggests. Read more...

Rock River Arms AR-15 rifle with ammunition, which is similar to the Bushmaster… (Joe Raedle / Getty Images )Mental illness and gun violence Is there a connection? Mental health advocates weigh in. | December 22, 2012 | LATimes | "Cognitive psychologists agree that much of our behavior stems from unconscious beliefs and emotions. It's time for us to ask why the leaders of the Republicans really want to see more heavily armed people go unmonitored, and why they expect society to absorb the traumas that go along with the grotesque violation of public space." Read more...

Adolescent sibling fights can affect anxiety, depression and self-esteem.Sibling squabbles may not be harmless | Michelle Healy | USA TODAY | December 20, 2012 | Adolescent sibling fights can affect anxiety, depression and self-esteem | When researchers examined correlations between the arguments and teens' self-reports of depressed mood, anxiety and self-esteem after one year, topics related to fairness and equality and invasion of personal domain were most common. Read more...

According to Gautham Venugopalan, the lead researcher at the University of California, pressure on this body part can suppress the growth of cancerous cells Study: Breast Squeezes Can Help Prevent Cancer | Hilton Hater | December 20, 2012 | Hollywood Gossip | So there you have it, fellas. Second base has never been more important to the health of your partner. Read more...

 Children learn eating habits from family meals, say researchersFamily meals 'boost child fruit and vegetable intake' | 19 December 2012 | BBC | Children learn eating habits from family meals, say researchers Continue reading the main story Related Stories Britons missing 'five-a-day' goal Review of school dinners planned The power of cooking skills Eating meals as a family improves children's eating habits - even if it only happens once or twice a week, UK researchers suggest. Read more...

Gun control? We need medication control! Newton elementary school shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having 'personality disorder'Gun control? We need medication control! Newton elementary school shooter Adam Lanza likely on meds; labeled as having 'personality disorder' | December 16, 2012 | Mike Adams | NaturalNews | According to ABC News, Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter, has been labeled as having "mental illness" and a "personality disorder." These are precisely the words typically heard in a person who is being "treated" with mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Read more...

The medical science is strongly in favor of THC laden hemp oil as a primary cancer therapy, not just in a supportive role to control the side effects of chemotherapy.Spain Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer | Tony Shankar | December 16, 2012 | WildAlchemist | “The beauty of this study is that we are showing that a substance of abuse, if used prudently, may offer a new road to therapy against lung cancer,” said Anju Preet, Ph.D., a researcher in the Division of Experimental Medicine. Read more...

Salty Foods Make Kids Want Sugary Drinks | Cole Petrochko | MedPage Today | December 10, 2012 | A cross-sectional study of Australian children ages 2 to 16 found salt consumption was positively associated with drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (P<0.001) and increased obesity risks by 26% (95% CI 1.03 to 1.53), according to Caryl Nowson, PhD, of Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, and colleagues. Read more...

FDA panel opposes recommending painkiller, cites safety | December 07, 2012 | David Morgan | Reuters | In an 11-2 vote, advisory committee members said the San Diego-based pharmaceutical company had met narrow FDA targets for safety and efficacy but worried that the drug known generically as hydrocodone bitartrate could become a drug of choice for people addicted to other opioid painkillers including those based on the drug oxycodone. Read more...

EDITOR'S COMMENT: What is this World coming to, when FDA are debating to allow one of the most debilitating and addictive drugs ever formulated get cleared for usage, yet an innocent flower from cannabis is considered criminal in most States? When will we have real justice? An ancient standard: All plants have a right to life, and we are privileged to utilize them for their best purpose. Even the natural opium poppy drippings, containing opioids used to manufacture these "synthetic drugs" is not nearly as dangerous as the chemical derivatives.

Coffee from an elephant's gut fills a $50 cup | December 7. 2012 - GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Thailand (AP) Trumpeted as earthy in flavor and smooth on the palate, the exotic new brew is made from beans eaten by Thai elephants and plucked a day later from their dung. A gut reaction inside the elephant creates what its founder calls the coffee's unique taste. Read more...

Gena Hamshaw of the blog Choosing Raw eats a mostly raw, vegan diet without losing time, money or her sanity. Let her show you how to make "rabbit food" taste delicious and satisfying every other Thursday on Food52.Veganizing Soups And Stews | Gena Hamshaw, Food52 | 12/05/20 | huffingtonpost | The only big differences between vegan soups and non-vegan soups are that vegetable stock or bouillon must be used in place of chicken or beef stock, and that meat, fish, and chicken are (of course) off limits. Within this, nearly any favorite, traditional soup recipe -- minestrone, black bean, noodle, tomato, butternut squash -- can be easily veganized. Here are a few handy tricks of the trade... Read more...

When Microorganisms Control the Mind | Dr. Lauren Browne | ABC News | 12-06-2012 | Bugs that hijack the brain and manipulate behavior are now the focus of a special newly released edition of The Journal of Experimental Biology. This collection of review articles tips its hat to the ever-growing body of research devoted to the field of neuroparasitology, a field where "science meets science fiction," according to journal editor Michael Dickinson. Read more...

Most people love the taste of egg nog. We feel the same. Also many of us would like to limit the amount of milk we consume.Almond Nog: Antioxidant Rich Cholesterol Lowering Drink | DAN | DECEMBER 5, 2012 | Nut consumption has been shown to have cholesterol lowering benefits. Almonds in particular have other cardioprotective nutrients that include α-tocopherol, arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium, and potassium. Researches credit these additional properties of almonds as adding to their cholesterol lowering effect. Read more...

Healthy Diet Helps Damaged Hearts | Jennifer Warner | Dec. 5, 2012 | WebMD Health News | “It doesn’t matter what type of medication you take, if you follow a healthy diet you will get benefits,” says researcher Mahshid Dehghan, PhD, research associate at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. “Eating fruits and vegetables substantially reduces cardiovascular disease recurrence over and above medication alone.” Read more...

EDITOR'S COMMENT: After decades of "suggesting" this to people, how many realize that simple discipline involving avoidance of foods / drugs exacerbating heart disease is your best medicne? How many are actually willing to make the change? It's really difficult to tell a person "See, I told you" after they die. There is no time like now to jump on a band wagon headed for healthy nutrition without all the greasy junk foods.

Nathan Stiles was a high school football player who died in 2010 after a head injury.Boston researchers find new evidence linking repeat concussions to permanent brain injury Autopsies focus on athletes after head injuries | Deborah Kotz, Boston Globe / December 2, 2012 | The work provides new insight into an Alzheimer’s-like condition, called chronic traumatic encephalopathy, that is thought to be caused by repeat concussions or blows to the head. The autopsies revealed extensive evidence of protein tangles called tau clogging brain tissue and causing the destruction of brain cells in football players, wrestlers, hockey players, boxers, and military veterans who served in combat zones. Read more...

A newly released study finds that ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are disappearing three times faster than they were two decades ago, the latest evidence supporting the existence of global warming.Study on rising sea levels likely confirms existence of global warming | Science Recorder | Jessica Lear | December 01, 2012 | It may seem as though ice melt, and thus sea-level rise is to blame for intense hurricanes, like Sandy, however, according to Grette, the real problem is global warming. According to Grette, increased temperatures from trapped greenhouse gases are causing oceans to warm and expand. She expects sea level to move up the coast by at least 40 inches in the next 90 years. Read more...

EDITOR'S NOTE: As we keep going there will be links to numerous pages featuring all the ways found to work in healing numerous ailments.

We are keeping a relatively open mind, looking at every alternative available to the extreme procedures using dangerous drugs, chemo / chemicals, and surgeries. Please feel free to contact us if you feel your input could help in any way. Thanks - The Editor

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