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By Martha Jones, Posted May 15, 2011

If you have not noticed that water rights are changing, check out politics of the world and compare other countries' water situations.

IHawaii A Voice For Sovereignty Soundtrackn Hawaii, for instance, government is taking 60 billion gallons water per year from natural springs falling from the top of a mountain to feed native farm lands, now diverted to hotels and new homes needing electricity and of course water.  They left nothing for the natives.

Water flushes toilets, creates beautiful colored waterfalls in front of buildings, feeds gardens, and human consumption is happy with a nice glass of clean fresh water.  Sharing is a learning experience.  Needs are things all humans have in common.  Water is a dominate player in the book of human needs!!!

The Pacific Ocean is now not only filled with the largest floating plastic geographical trash location but now has a nuclear energy waste problem, floating and mixing with all living entities.  Do not think you are separate from the ocean.  The lands and the seas are all connected.  Eventually, everything seeps into everything from the air to the land to the seas.  

The Earth has a water problem. This problem cannot be solved by a mere visit to the democratic court system.  This is an enormous situation all over the World involving human beings whose water rights are being ignored, from Hawaii to Africa to Japan to South America to the Great Lakes.  Money and water are like blood and water....not really mixable except for those taking without asking. Water is holy to the lands that feed us and to everyone who lives.  It is required to live....God made it so!

Did you know that the United States government is selling our Holy Great Lake's Water to China?  Shocked!!!!  I am.

Educate yourself....Only We the Human Beings of the Earth can change the future for all mankind. Stand up sometime and somewhere for something for everyone.

UC San Diego. The Cross- Cultural Center will screen the 7-time award winning documentary Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty, May 24, 2011. 6:00 pm.. at The Cross-Cultural Center, 2nd Floor. Free to public.
More info. go to

Del Mar: The ‘price Hawaiians have paid for paradise’ explored in documentary / Joe Tash / Hanalei Vierra Vierra hopes a recently completed documentary film, called “Hawaii, A Voice for Sovereignty,” will help educate people about the history of the 50th U.S. state, and advance the cause of Hawaiians seeking to redress past wrongs. Read more...

Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty - IMUA

Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty is a part of the kickstarter program and is requesting pledges for an up-to-date shoot of information for the film before it's world release. If you would like to pledge and become an Assoc. Producer or have a concert of Native Hawaiian Muic got to y-documentary-film

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