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Occupied? How this movement can create needed changes
By Dennis Knicely, Editor / Publisher

Sometimes it helps to witness something first hand, just to get a better
perspective. This is especially true right now, with this huge occupation
movement without a confirmed leader or designated spokesperson. So I took time
yesterday afternoon, to simply go check out LA's occupation at City Hall

Wow! It was neat, clean, well organized, a very safe place to be, with no
apparent police presence. A man designated with security privileges in the
staging area was simply sitting in his chair, a physically challenged man with a
guitar on his lap. He seemed to have been "self appointed" by default - he
simply stayed there to watch what was going on.

There we no problems, no yelling or anger, no strewn trash, and no one group or
entity singled as spokesperson... though there was a large tent set up next to
stage for people to go with questions or answers, with no waiting line.

LA's Mayor actually came out 1 1/2 weeks ago during a rain storm, passing out
ponchos to the occupiers.

People there pointed out this is NOT a protest rally. This is an occupation
inspired by NYC's "Occupy Wall Street" movement. This is simply frustrated
people from ALL walks of life, ALL political parties welcome for dialogue, and a
good place to witness first hand a firm commitment to see social justice
replacing a greedy minority now controlling the vast majority of financial
resources in this country.

Folks in LA are very concerned what happened in Oakland last week, resulting in
an Iraq veteran being hospitalized after being hit in the head by a police fired
tear gas canister during their raid without any dangerous life threatening
reasons to do so. Oakland's Mayor later apologized, and their people have now
re-occupied that same area. Concern is to keep LA's occupation area safe, to
keep out police intervention... and LA is doing a good job of that.

The occupiers are learning from each other how to share and survive in lean
times, while our out-of-control Republicans are intent in taking away even more
money from a social net protecting the needy, while accepting huge donations
from $billionaires and $multi - millionaires that offer the masses little hope,
like keeping meager apartments that are now priced beyond the means of many.

This is also about keeping Obama accountable to people that voted for him, many
in this group that are outraged that his administration has caved to Republicans
or compromised on so many of their ideals. Most do not see any improvements
since he was elected, and are simply upset with a system that bails out the mega
rich while the rest of us are challenged to even be able to pay bills, let alone
have extra money for gasoline or to eat properly.

This is about the general public being aware what can happen to them unless Wall
Street is held accountable for every dime, now $trillions, that have bailed them
out, while Government maintains an idiotic war while funding pharmaceutical /
vaccine companies selling poisons, supporting GMO crops, outsourcing jobs to
other countries, etc. etc. Yet Government won't stop the war and keep
supporting a meager general welfare of our own people with infrastructure in
dire need of improvements, that are BOTH facing further cuts if it were up to
Republicans. What about Pentagon spending???

What's more important: Life for the living, or bombs destroying lives of
innocent people in the way of... Duh???

Personally: I am ALL about sustainability, funding needed green, clean
technologies & more safe organic farming, while educating our children about
proper nutrition / lifestyle that keeps us safe and away from life threatening
bullets, bombs, and missiles.

Simply protecting our soil so future generations are not facing dead zones from
too many insecticides, herbicides, chemicals, GMOs, etc. that are simply killing
our soil and water resources, is a good start. A good balance between insects,
worms, birds and conscientious humans is a important for survival.


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