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Healing Our Minds While We Heal Our Bodies

How to sustain the changes we need

By Dennis Knicely, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Posted March 2, 2011

Healing Our Minds while we Heal Our BodiesWhere do we draw the line? It is one thing to know the difference, while another to do what it takes. Heart disease and stroke victims often know about the deleterious effects of saturated fats from animal products and junk foods. Yet why do so many keep filling an often obese and parasite filled body with these things? The answer is easy, yet undeniably true: Old habit addiction.

Cancers have stricken many, and is now one of the biggest medical industries that propagate the use of dangerous drugs, chemicals, radiation and surgeries, generating $hundreds of billions along the way, while victims often end up in the morgue. Yet how many of these people are actually willing to make changes necessary to survive without these invasive treatments?

We often go back to “comforts” we have developed as habits. It might be misinformation from generations of conditioning, or all kinds of other excuses, yet what is it really, that keeps us from being the ultimate example of health and well being that would honestly make us look and feel better? We are accustomed to established patterns. Old ways often cling to us like glue. Going “outside the box” might be too scary for most people.

mind healing in the 21st centuryHow can we change that? What is necessary to achieve the “ultimate us”? Are we simply stuck, with no way out? What can we do? Do we have to change our friends, family ties, and all other associations, to simply be around people that will help us shift to a better place, or is it even possible? Why is it that people are born stuck, stay stuck, and sometimes live entire lives without even looking at other possibilities existing outside the box?

Mind discipline is a good start. Look at your thoughts close. Learn to understand what triggers our compulsions before we proceed. Conceding to a temptation to do what we might inherently know is less than favorable can be shifted. Look for something more beneficial that will satisfy us until an unhealthy craving is gone. One of the safest, proven examples: Eat an apple.

For a long time, going back decades, “Spirit” told me the ultimate was simply consuming fresh, living and/or raw non-animal products, along with water fasts to purify and cleanse. These often work in helping many reverse chronic illnesses of all kinds, yet in lots of cases people simply go back to the same situations that might have gotten them ill in the first place. A good start is learning to make healthy foods taste great, by finding new recipes, shopping smarter, and/or eating out at health oriented facilities.

People sometimes adopt the “new ways”, only to get caught up in other circumstances or activities that have created a “less than perfect” way of being.

Natural products now manufactured and distributed represent one of the few industries that have sustained growth through these trying times. Which items are good for us, while which ones are simply marketing strategies to lift gross receipts and profits? You have to decide for yourself, as there are limitless choices, based on where you live and shop.

There are thousands of items available in supplement sections of natural grocery stores and other outlets. Some claim to have extremely healthful effects, with many people lining up to buy them. Yet let’s get real. Are our bodies really designed to handle extreme amounts of concentrated, processed, refined nutrients? Sure, many of these have given people remarkable results in reversing many illnesses. Yet with all things, moderation can be key advice. Too much of a good thing can often be worse than not enough.

Our bodies were originally designed to handle fresh, natural food sources, straight from the Earth. Unpolluted air is one of the best resources we have to rejuvenate our bodies, followed by clean water, Sunlight, then the resulting food resources. Taking a walk in Nature is almost always a way to calm our nerves and feel better.

Green HealingChlorophyll rich greens are often noted as beneficial in reversing many cancers and other ailments. Simply allowing the Sun to penetrate the pores of our skin is noted as one of the greatest things to prevent colds and flus. Fresh water helps flush out harmful toxins and pathogens, while fresh produce, fruits, nuts, and seeds can nourish our bodies with needed nutrient.

Even many fungi [mushrooms, etc.] that do not need Sunlight to propagate have been proven to be nutritious, many with great healing qualities.

Decades back, I was instructed that one of the best things we can do, is to get the widest variety of food resources, while not eating the same things day after day, week after week. Bodies often develop intolerance to foods that are consumed too much or too often. Variety has been referred to as the “spice of life”.

Those adopting a vegan diet sometimes “fall back” into animal products, complaining they become weak and tired. Decades back, I was blessed to work with bio-chemistry PhDs while we researched a diet the entire World could live on, and this was a hot topic.

We found that when avoiding animal products, people would sometimes lack enough B complex vitamins, especially B12, to maintain strength and endurance. Red Star Nutritional Yeast formulated with B12 is to this day one of the best resources for people maintaining a vegan diet, yet many simply prefer supplements or pills, non animal sources of vitamins. I prefer the Nutritional Yeast, technically a processed "raw food". Vitamin E is another one, with a good resource being wheat germ oil.

One great ideal is consuming as many indigenous foods as possible, those that grow naturally in areas near where we live. Our DNA has connections to local soil, and consuming foods grown near us is obviously better for the environment. One of the greatest concerns is the scarcity of fuel oils to transport food and other commodities over long distances, a big argument supporting movement to local sustainability. More greenhouses in the colder climates is a key to make this shift.

I am a firm believer that not any one particular path is meant for all people. It is not for us to judge another, as how do we know all the particulars leading them to be the way they are? No two people are alike. No two paths will always lead to the same place. Not all people react to the same thing the same way. Environment is a major key to achieving our personal way of being, as diet shifts with the weather, as well as available foods.

Be careful. Drastic shifts in lifestyle can sometimes result in side effects we are not expecting, so realize change is sometimes challenging. When adopting a healthier “karma clean” diet and/or a new way of being, we often stir up old patterns, beliefs and embedded crud. Cleaning these out can lead to less than favorable symptoms, often cleared with time, yet possibly causing discomfort during the process.

Be ready for it, and attempt to understand why. Illness and/or disease can simply be our bodies attempting to clear embedded toxins, pathogens, or parasites that might have been there a long time, without outer symptoms. This will change. Realize that going back to the old ways might feel better in the moment, yet prevent a needed shift to get away from diseases, preventing you from achieving an ultimate goal of perfect health.

As an ending note, a great suggestion is to look at all choices before coming to your own conclusions. Everyone you meet will obviously suggest different things, yet in the end you have to make your own decisions. When adopting new ways, look at both benefits and challenges before accepting another’s viewpoint.

The rest is up to you. Be happy with yourself. With a little discipline you might look in the mirror and see a much better reflection. This is only the beginning of an entire new episode, as we open up to greater understanding of the vast opportunities awaiting us. Be the dream, making it a reality.

NOTE: As editor and publisher of Dennis Knicely, an honorary Doctor, has decades of background assisting others in making better life choices to reverse and clear illnesses and blockages that prevent us from being our ultimate selves. Feel free to share this information and website with anyone that might benefit from this important process of being the best you can be. Feel free to call or write for a personal consultation: 310-403-8160

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