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Healing with the Energies of the Altai Mountains

By Helena Pyykko , August 13, 2011, Los Angeles, CA

Mama Mountain.   Mount Belukha rising from the Earth.   Rising like a life-giving breast, source of all beings.   Glacial milk feeding the essence of humanity.   Milked, for love of life,  by conscious intention.








Mama Mountain.
Mount Belukha rising from the Earth.
Rising like a life-giving breast, source of all beings.
Glacial milk feeding the essence of humanity.
Milked, for love of life, by conscious intention.

The full moon ceremony was taking place on various spots of the Altai Mountains in Siberia. People from all parts of the globe gathered to form points on the energy grids of the Altai frequencies of healing, personal and planetary and bringing in the consciousness of Love for all the planet and it's people. Los Angeles seems to amplify whatever energies are in the Universe, like a giant mega-phone.

Obviously, we are going through a multi-level transformational healing. The planet is adjusting it's energies and changing polarities. This is causing human consciousness to make adjustments, individually and collectively. But, it is not only this easy balancing there are the karmic lessons the Cosmic Universe wants us to learn and process before we can shift into the new levels of being.

Some, if they have been living consciously in the past years feel this a slight tingly adjustment. For those of us who have been caught in karmic relationships we were probably not even aware of the work which needed to be done. Some of us, for one reason of another have not corrected our path or made the changes the Universe requested. We are now left presented with a crashing, crushing windfall of karma to process. Not easy work. But necessary to move into the new levels of being.

We, my friend and I joined the groups in Siberia from my living room. And we did connect. This was my second profound connection with Altai. The first was in new Mexico this past December. The energy grid from Altai moves across the globe and has specific energy points, New Mexico and my living room are both active and on the grid. Perhaps your living room is on the grid as well.

We tuned in with the Star Mediation: Try it for yourself:

From there we both had a humming in our inner ear. I felt the sense of cool air and water elements. We connected with all who have and will meditate on these most powerful energies. With the intention of healing the aspects which are coming up in these transforming times and for spreading Love throughout the planet the healing is trifold. Healing for oneself and karmic patterns, healing for others, by seeing the Christ in everyones' eyes and healing of the planet. May we all send the Love and healing energies to each other and pray that the karma can get released as quickly as humanly possible so we may all be able to live in Christ Consciousness soon, very soon.

May Peace and Love and Light be with you.

Learn more about the Altai energies by visiting:–-

By Helena Pyykko contact:

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