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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." —Thomas Edison

The Healing News Network

Starting the New Year Strong after 400% Growth in 2009

By Dennis Knicely, Editor / Publisher - January, 2010

While the general economy is struggling in recovery keeps expanding with exponential growth.

Plans to expand will help even more people, while we link to every major news media outlet in the World. More are joining all the time. Business is blossoming into a new paradigm, designed to re-educate bulk of society to the qualities, attributes and reasons we need change. New natural products, wholesome organic foods, and new modalities are now available to heal both our bodies as well as our Sacred Mother the Earth.

To meet this demand we will:

Our goals for the coming year will include even greater online reports and articles while we include even more links to the vast array of natural, organic, holistic and generally great products or services that help our society sustain good health and/or recover from illness.

An essential to our expansion is working with wonderful organizations like New Hope Natural Media and their upcoming 2010 Natural Products Expo West.

During the last season we have seen articles pertinent subjects healing teeth, diabetes, cancer, the flu, heart disease, collective consciousness, breast healing, etc. top Google's and other search's lists of #1 most popular articles on the web. Our list of subjects keeps growing.

We are giving more attention to future goals needed for growth into the area of commercial ads, online banners, corporate sponsors, and other ways so our financial needs will be met. Many have expressed interest in helping among our supporters and readers. This will hopefully be done without compromising our direction.

As our belief is no two people are alike, at some point we will hopefully also include proven conventional remedies, as the natural / holistic applications are not always workable with our ever growing population, especially when symptoms are so severe people could be in life threating situations from avoiding the main stream approach.

The U.S. Government have plans to expand the capacities and locations of nuclear and other non-natural energy sources. Another avenue we are taking is with even more articles about saving our environment from destruction, by supporting the causes of known green, sustainable energy alternatives.

There are numerous locations in operation proven to reverse the effects of what most conventional medical professionals "chronic" condition. Plans are to do more articles to support valid locations for healing our bodies. We will access even more scientific, verifiable reports verifying and validating that the natural approach can and will work to reverse these harmful symptoms, while improving our geneal well being.

Schools and education programs are in place, with new ones starting all the time. More of these will also be linked to our site. New sections being developed daily regard the vastness of the holistic and natural applications now available in the 21st. Century.

Vegan and raw foods are known to reverse illness quickly. New information about related products and nutritional benefits help these causes, and we are presently developing an entire section on this subject alone.

Herbs and related natural remedies assist many without the side effects of chemical derivatives known as prescription pharmaceutical drugs. Numerous proven, non-invasive and safe supplements also help in this direction. We have accessed the right people to help this cause, and plans are to create new press releases daily on these subjects.

There are countless ways we can create even more great articles with links to research related with these avenues of interest. Please join us by telling your friends about while we achieve our common goal: Change the World, One bite/byte at at time.

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