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Finding peace and harmony

Sunday, September 12, 2010 by Dennis Knicely, Editor / Publisher

Diversity is a right, privilege, and good thing.

Peace & Harmony ( Lion and The Lamb ) by Nancy GlazierAll religions, Islam included, have great teachings that can enrich our lives. By studying and sometimes practicing aspects of all religions while associating and making friends with their followers, we can in fact open our minds to a whole new level of understanding, often enriching the ways we were born and trained to believe.

Sure, there are people associated with many paths spewing hate, anger, distrust and violence, often a small minority that might give entire groups problems by association. Yet it is misinformation to think they are ALL bad, simply because of a few hate-mongers that - well, let's not go there.

Once you have read and/or practiced teachings of the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Torah, Bhuddhist teachings, etc. etc., THEN and only then do have a right to criticize, condemn, question, or otherwise decide whether or not these ways harmonize with your heart of hearts.

Trusting everything you read, hear, or another's opinions often leads to radical beliefs that could harm or hurt innocent victims. Fundamentalism is often questionable, since there are countless ways to interpret scripture or their translations.

An old idiom with a great message: Walk in anothers' shoes for a mile before concluding why they are the way they are. In other words, understanding often leads to diplomacy and peace, something we all need to find kindness and good feelings among ALL God's children.

Why is that person or group the way they are? Were they innocent, yet their home for generations was bombed, killing parents, spouses, children, and/or other loved ones, then having to live without running water, electricity, fresh food, or any other convenience most of us take for granted?

Sometimes unkind acts called "collateral damage", during war lead to huge profits for a few while most lose, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths that might have been avoided. Sane diplomacy while avoiding radical propaganda is a key to understanding this process.

Fear and hatred are replaced with kindness and understanding. Simply find room to learn more about the diverse nature of our vast Universe. Then you realize how all live is connected to all other life, and then some.

The more you research, the more you realize how much more there is to learn.

Peace and love to all - Dennis

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