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Environmental, Education and Health Benefits From Year-Round Green Christmas Ideas and Eco Gifts

Posted December 14, 2010, by Dr. Michael Cohen from Project NatureConnect, Institute of Global Education

"A short, renewing walk in a natural area demonstrates a major scientific truth of our lives: when we respectfully visit a natural area, natural attractions in our 53 natural senses connect us with the self-correcting grace, balance and purifying power of our origins in nature." "A short, renewing walk in a natural area demonstrates a major scientific truth of our lives: when we respectfully visit a natural area, natural attractions in our 53 natural senses connect us with the self-correcting grace, balance and purifying power of our origins in nature.

San Juan Island, Washington: According to the Project NatureConnect (PNC) Ecopsychology program at Akamai University and the Institute of Global Education, humanity could, but doesn't, enjoy Christmas and its benefits the whole year round. This is because we seldom acknowledge the history of Christmas with regard to nature.

Christmas actually celebrates nature's eons of building balanced, supportive, peaceful and ecologically sound relationships by and for the world's plant, mineral and animal kingdom, including humanity. As evidenced by the Christmas tree, mistletoe, holly, wreath and solstice date, Christmas includes samples of the nature of Mother Earth.

To help us remedy our omission of nature's powers as part of Christmas, PNC director, Dr Michael J. Cohen has created green, Christmas ideas and eco gifts that are designed for use by the public year round. In the spirit of Christmas, they help any individual or group continually increase personal, social and environmental well-being, no matter the season.

The PNC Christmas contribution consists of ecologically sound games and activities along with supportive online training courses, degree programs and livelihoods. Each is a community based, hands-on learning tool that enables the public, year round, to build mutually supportive relationships while they visit natural areas. There, people learn how to obtain nature's consent to make safe sensory contacts with nature. This makes the balanced and self-correcting ways of nature an ally that helps each of us become a stronger part of solutions that remedy our greatest problems.

Backyard or backcountry, the activities give us the ability to create moments that let Earth itself teach us what we need to know for improving our lives and all of life.

Individuals who have enjoyed a refreshing visit in a natural area often report that their contact with nature's balance and beauty increased their well-being in lasting ways. They say that the connection renewed their psyche, cleared their mind and energized their spirit. This helped them improve their relationships. Cohen, says, "Our process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) fortifies the ability of any individual to accomplish this. It also enables people to teach ECHN to others."

"The beneficial results of engaging in ECHN activities has long been documented," says Cohen. "They provide humanity with the appropriate passion, information and processes needed to act in peaceful and sustainable "Christmaslike" ways. For this reason, participants have called ECHN the 'Unified Field Theory in action.' "

"It is the absence of ECHN in our thinking and Christmas that, against our will and reason, makes us continue to deepen the addictive rut we are in, a rut created by our polluted psyche," notes Cohen. "To reverse this addiction, ECHN invites nature to help us think like the natural world's unpolluted perfection works."

To access the activities, visit

Contacts: Dr. Michael Cohen 360-378-6313, email <>.

Barbara Huning MA LP at 507-452-0200, email <>.

EDUCATING, COUNSELING AND HEALING WITH NATURE: subsidized holistic courses, degrees and careers. Strengthen your life and livelihood by greening it. Enable the restorative powers of nature's amazing grace to help us all, hand in hand, walk Mother Earth's path to balance, sustainability and well being.

Project NatureConnect, P. O. Box 1605 Friday Harbor, WA 360-378-6313

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