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Kucinich Concedes, and is now supporting the Health Care Reform Bill.

By Dennis Knicely, Editor-in-Chief, The Healing News Network

Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who twice ran for President on platform highlighting single-payer, Medicare-for-all, was the Democrat's last remaining House vote that was not in favor of the Health Care Bill as it stands.

The 64 Progressives in Congress - as well as the Democratic Party generally and the Republicans have stifled the Progressive Movement in this country, which has stood fiercely for the good of the people and all Life on Earth. But the compromised parties decided that the healthy continuance of life was not nearly as important as "pork barrel politics at its worst", for illicit attacks on and occupations of foreign countries.

Appallingly, pressured Kucinich by offering $1.5 million to fight Democratic Progressives in Congress if they voted against the plan.

Now, many feel disenfranchised: we all will be required to pay for coverage that has NO provisions for the vast majority of holistic and natural doctors - plans costing much less. And those who are most vulnerable and on the already deficient Medicare coverage will find their care even more hindered by a lack of coverage of needed medications. Write MoveOn, and let them know how you feel about "getting punched in the gut".

The struggle is not over for those who support sustainable life issues. For too long politicians and political organizations have been telling us they are acting on our interests, when their true intentions have been "pork barrel politics", allowing lobbyists representing the "big boys" - Big Pharma, "Insurers", Big Ag, nuclear proliferation, wireless irradiation, geoengineering, etc, - to control the halls of DC.

It is time we all stand up, louder and stronger than ever before, for what is correct. Dennis Knicely, Editor-in-Chief,

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